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The HU Form and Entity Attachments

Originally published on Wednesday, 07 October 2009 

Entities can attach to a person’s physical or etheric bodies. There are many different ways for the attachment to occur. While reading this article, don’t forget that some instances which are technically attachments may be via your free will (such as a walk in or you have willingly asked it). It is what it is.

Etheric Body Attachments

Each of us has an etheric body, or for simplicity’s sake, an energy field that is non-physical yet a part of our whole just the same. Any non-physical being can easily attach to you on the inside or outside of that etheric body or your aura.

Some people who are “seers,” or who can see non-physical beings, auras, etc., can see these entities attached to you and even describe them in detail. Usually they will look like a dark mass on the area of the body that they are attached to. This is likely the most common occurrence of attachment, since it’s fairly easy to just latch on to someone. Often the person will describe illness or pain in that area of the body, and will not be surprised to know that something is there affecting them. If it is insect in nature (yes, other-dimensional insects!), then it might look like a giant spider. You should note that any time you are out in public you have the potential to bring home these unwanted pests. The lower the vibration of the places you go, the more of a chance you will have.

The second way that etheric beings can attach is directly inside of the energy field. Usually these are the more virulent and nasty type. Typically they will enter through the “Mouth of God” area on the back of the neck or holes in the aura. Normally you will notice this at once because you will feel something that is “off” but you may not be quite sure what it is. Once you learn to detect something foreign in your field, you are sure to notice.

Another way for something to invade your energy field is to “lay eggs” while attached or in your physical space. This is especially troublesome and normally people do not notice it themselves. If you suspect this has happened, it’s a good idea to ask someone to check you. At times I wake up to see entities somewhere in my bedroom and I know that if I leave them there, they could infect me. For example, once I woke to see a giant etheric spider making a nest in the corner of my ceiling. I could feel the intention and promptly zapped it away.

Finally, there are certainly instances of good old fashioned possession. The reasons for it vary, but usually it is at the expense of the host body’s life if not dealt with by a professional.

Physical Body Attachments

Our version of the HUman body is actually designed for physical body attachments. I say our version, because it was genetically engineered somewhat like we would a robot, i.e., for the maker to control and for it to have limited autonomy. There are two main areas where this was genetically engineered into us: The first is the “dimples” on the hip area (which is connected to the base of the spine), and the second is the Mouth of God at the top of the spine.

In the days of Atlantis, our form was engineered to merge the HU form with the Reptilian form. This was in order to prevent more war, as the Reptilians have a creation myth that tells them they are the guardians of the universe. The Reptilians have little emotion but sharp logic, while the HU species was awash in emotion. Both sides of the faction who began this endeavor thought that the merge was a fine idea.

At this time the HU form was pure with little variation, but there are many types of Reptilians, so to be clear, it was the serpent1 or snake form and DNA that was a suitable match. They created a sort of nanite version of this form, almost like an organic piece of artificial intelligence (AI), and then adapted the HU DNA and form to receive it and most importantly, not reject it. The nanites were anchored at the dimples area of the hips, but fully integrated with the HU spinal column at the base of the spine. As it became a more complete merge, and as it matured, the serpent rose up the spinal column and ended its journey at the base of the skull, in the Mouth of God area.

My monad Kem tells me that this actually came later, and that originally, powerful serpents physically merged with their HU hosts either with permission or against their will. You can see examples of this in Stargate SG-1 with the Goa’uld. Kem says that the nanite version of the serpents merged with HUmans would be an example of the Jaffa, their slaves. Keep in mind that all did not become slaves either in name or function, but both computers and DNA can be programmed and re-programmed!

The Atlantean version of the HU form were re-seeded on this planet, Earth, and they are the forms that we inhabit today. You have undoubtedly heard that we are “slaves” or that we are “programmed” and that is indeed true! The ability to be programmed is within us until we are conscious enough and high enough in our vibration to no longer fear ridding ourselves of the foreign influences that inhabit our form. The serpents can be deactivated and removed from your system by someone who knows how to do it. It’s important to note that the pathways themselves aren’t an issue. In fact, the crystalline body uses them but with photonic light (much like DNA!).

There are also lighted beings who can attach to you without your permission, or with your permission but based on lies, which is out of integrity and thus against your free will. These are sometimes called “positive renegades.” They have their own agenda, but make you feel good instead of bad. I suppose some people might feed off of this energy, but, if it’s not within free will then they are still serving the Self instead of the true light.

“Positive” Attachments

There is a positive sort of attachment. It’s funny because in the positive sense, we don’t use the negative connotations of “entity” or “attachment.” Instead, we call it a soul merge, soul braid, walk in, etc. This is when you have a contract on some level, either conscious or unconscious, to either house or merge with another being (soul braid), or trade places with them entirely (walk in).

Again, Kem has given me a clear idea of how a soul braid works, since that is essentially what I have with him. The Tok’ra, again from Stargate SG1, are a race that only inhabits another body with permission. They do not dominate the personality, but instead they co-exist as one form. I’ve also heard it describes as “soul layers.”

Walk Ins, of course, refers to the “new” soul that inhabits the physical vehicle. One soul left, the other “walked in.” The Walk In retains the memories of the original soul via the brain and DNA, but it also brings its own knowledge and experiences. Sometimes walk ins have better early recall than others, and sometimes, a person realizes that they came into the body several months earlier. Much depends on the quality of the physical vehicle. Kem says that we have covered the basics.


Anna i’elle & KEM

1 The serpents (snakes) that live on Earth today are genetically related to the sentient universal race of serpents, but are of lower vibration.

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