Jul 01

Making a Joyful Noise

How many times have you heard the phrase, make a joyful noise? It is usually in a religious context, and it’s usually used very literally such as telling you to sing or play music or some other audible sound. But what if this was taken out of context completely? The meaning lost, the intent lost? Well I think it has.

I have truthfully been bugged to death by my guides to write this post, and when I say bugged it keeps coming up for weeks. And I haven’t forgotten the premise, or the information. Normally I sort of lose that and it fades, but not this time. They still want me to post it!

Noise is a harmonic, a vibration, it’s a wave, a frequency. We talk in metaphysical circles all the time about vibrations and harmonics. Even the planets have harmonics of their own. Again, a vibration or a frequency, but you can translate it into a sound. I think many of the space studying websites have audio files that you can listen to such as “the sound of the Earth” or sun, or whatever. It is the sound that a planet vibrates to, much like the beat of a drum or the hum of an electrical power line. As you can see, I don’t know a whole lot about harmonics in the scientific sense, but I understand the concept. I’m sure if you want a more scientific explanation, you can easily Google it.

So what if I vibrate in the harmonic of joy, instead of fear? Or instead of whatever? Maybe just that side of the scale – love, compassion, joy, happiness – what then? What if EVERYONE on the planet did? Do you think that we could even think about being oppressed then? Because most oppressive situations are full of fear (fear of something happening to you), anger, sadness, grief, despair, and the list goes on. But when we are in Joy we are on top of the world aren’t we! It’s not a question – it’s a statement! And it’s contagious in the same way that anger and fear are. And since it’s a vibration, a harmonic, we are in fact making a Joyful Noise. Cool huh?

Emotions are a funny thing, but it would be very cool if we could see that 100th joyful monkey tip the scales on this planet and throw it into a new frequency world-wide. Now that’s the sort of pole shift I am hoping for.



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