Jul 07

Land of Confusion

This is starting out sort of funny to me. When I got the inspiration for this article, it hit me rather hard. That was last week, and just now when I decided to write it, I no sooner got the title typed than a damn fly started buzzing my head. I didn’t even know I had a fly in the house, hadn’t seen one, and yet here something is “bugging me.” Sort of comical, but I also see that maybe I have hit a nerve somewhere!

I don’t know if any of you are fans of the Genesis song “Land of Confusion.” There is also a nice remake, but I still love the original. I rarely hear that on the radio, but heard it the other day on my way to an appointment. After my initial “Yay!” thought, my next thought was crap, this song is going to make me cry. Music affects me that way. It just touches my soul. But I was determined to sing through it anyway, hopefully without crying off the makeup I had put on for the appointment. But I digress…

My mind races 100 miles an hour all the time, and as I was singing I suddenly thought how odd it was that this song says nothing about confusion except for the chorus. It doesn’t even allude to confusion really. So I mentally asked Kem, my higher self, what’s up with that?, and in a flash I got the answer. He showed me the story of the Tower of Babel, where the languages were confused, or confounded. And I realized suddenly that that story was not about language at all, but about what lies in a human heart and mind. Confusion was indeed created, but in the sense of disagreement and such among the people. Think about it – you don’t have to speak the same literal language to recognize what is in someone’s heart!

Now I don’t know what the songwriter was getting at in Land of Confusion, but that’s not the point. The point is that the song was spot on for what was being shown to me. The song talks about war, abuse of power, not enough love to go around. If you really think about the whole creation myth where humans were kicked out of paradise (i.e., love), their language was confused (i.e., hardened hearts), it indicates to us a systematic shut down of the heart chakra of the HUman animal on this planet. The stories link it with the acquisition of knowledge (wisdom), both in the acquiring it (the apple) and the using it (building the Tower).

Going back to our galactic history lessons, we could take this in a few different ways. First, it could have been the misconstrued legacy of the story of balance. We have learned time and again of the races who are heart centered, versus the races that are centered on the mind. During the Galactic Counselor workshops that I attended (the original and the follow up to that), we worked on templates to show the logical races the value of emotion when coupled with logic. We remembered the danger and damage created when one only uses emotion as well. Perhaps these stories were, originally, the allegories given to demonstrate this to a newly created species of HUman on planet Earth.

Alternatively, and possibly also, The Powers That Be (TPTB) may have used this against us to show us what punishment will come from collectively getting together in a vibration of peace and love, and USING that to work together and live in harmony. Using that to reach the heights (re: building a tower to heaven). Maybe that was the last time we Earth folk have made a joyful noise (harmony).  It’s certainly something to ponder, anyway.



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