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Feb 18

Musings for 2/18/2018

I have been pondering things for a few days and, well, ok I ponder things all the time. Usually multiple things at once. Sometimes I get an “aha” moment and other times it comes months or years later. But I got a good aha about the arguments for and against gun control, and hell, lots …

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Feb 13

Musings for 2/13/2018

Before I get too busy this afternoon, I wanted to share about this Neutrogena Light Therapy mask that I have been using. I’ve had it about 1. 5 weeks and have used it all but one day. I admit I bought it for breakouts on my face – you know the ones you thought would …

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Feb 12

Musings for 2/12/2018

Greetings all. I have been on business travel, and sick, for the past month (not in that order) so have not written in awhile. I have thought about writing though, as I’ve had some interesting experiences. Since I don’t know when the last time I shared was, forgive me if you already knew that I …

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Jan 09

Musings for 1/9/2018

Today I attended the second funeral in less than a week down at Spry Funeral Home on North Parkway. I actually meant to post about the first one last week, so let me say a short bit about that. A dear friend’s mother died, someone who was like a second mother to me in high …

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Dec 31

Adios 2017

2017 hasn’t been a great year has it? There have been a lot of trials and tribulations. I suspect that some of that valuable lesson-type material will continue into 2018, but it feels lighter already. I won’t be sad to see 2017 go. Many of us have been stuck and by stuck, I just mean …

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Dec 28

Musings for 12/28/2017

I’ve actually been musing for several days. So here goes… I hope that you all had a lovely holiday with your family. I am very adamant about saying holiday as I don’t know what you specifically celebrate. My former celebrations were quite eclectic as time went on and in all honesty, Christmas was always about …

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Dec 22

Musings for 12/22/2017

I have had a lot of grief this week. It’s fresh, just like I picked it up from the store yesterday. Of course I do a lot of inner pondering and such, and one of the topics that I mulled over was living in the now. That’s a big thing you know. I actually enjoyed …

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Dec 05

Musings for 12/5/2017

Today I bring tidings of good cheer. LOL I don’t know where I get this stuff…it just pops into my mind and rolls off of my fingertips here. But truly, I had such a lovely experience today with my Uber drivers to Goddard and back that I want to share. My first Uber driver was …

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Nov 12

Musings for 11/12/2017

I have a lot of changes going on inside of me and don’t know where to start, but I feel like I want to try and quantify it in some way so here I am. I just published an article, the first I’ve written in a very long time. It probably wasn’t my best work …

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Oct 31

Musings for 10/31/2017

I was going to post Erin’s last Halloween picture, but I couldn’t find it easily and gave up. This picture is from a 2014 A New Leash on Life FaceBook post, and includes a bunch of decorations that we donated. We only kept the things that were near and dear to us and to her. …

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