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Aug 19

Musings for 8/19/2017

Thank you so, so much for the kind words yesterday. I am always pleasantly amazed, and I think that is wonderful that I can feel amazement and kindness and love at 46 years old. Those are good things about this world we call home and they would not be possible without each of you who …

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Aug 09

Musings for 8/9/2017

I would have written yesterday but I was too busy all day. I spent all of my work day at the Civic Center at a symposium I’m working this week, and then did a much needed hour of yoga when I got home. That and dinner ate up my entire evening. I still had time …

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Aug 05

Musings for 8/5/2017

I realized that I in fact did not finish my lament two days ago. I meant to write yesterday but got distracted when the cable/internet went out for FIFTEEN HOURS just around 3:30 pm yesterday. We knew how long it was out because Shaun couldn’t sleep and was up when it came back on. I …

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Jul 31

Musings for 7/31/2017 and Mexico Trip!

Hola peeps! Hehe, I said that so much last week I am still in Mexico mode. I think it’s nice to speak the language of where you are visiting when you can. It’s respectful, and considering that most of the world took it upon them to learn English, I try to reciprocate the courtesy. I …

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Jul 15

Musings for 7/15/2017

I have been out of town and otherwise engaged recently and at one point was going to write offline on an airplane, but decided to play Candy Crush instead and finish listening to Keepers of the Garden by Dolores Cannon. If you aren’t familiar with her work, it’s phenomenal and this was a very good …

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Jun 28

Musings for 6/28/2017

Ah, hello good people. I wanted to write you yesterday but ran out of time (and just to be completely honest, I ran out of time yesterday 6/27 and so am finishing this up today). It’s been a weekend of anxiety for me and then I got a sore throat, but the good news is …

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May 23

Musings for 5/23/2017

I laid awake a long time last night due to a pounding sinus headache and the subsequent stomach burn that resulted from a BC and two Advil. I was too tired and in pain to have anxiety or stress much, so I just pondered this and that. I was a bit surprised though at what …

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Apr 19

Musings for 4/19/2017

UGH is today’s word, brought to you by Grief Street. I know many of you are there with me, and if not you are nearby on Depression Avenue. I know because you have been kind enough to open up to me about your struggles and now we share a bond. An extra special bond of …

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Apr 06

Musings for 4/6/2017

Fear. Most of us don’t even realize that fear permeates our daily lives, our bodies, minds, and virtually anything we consciously experience. Sometimes it rears it’s ugly head as plain old fear, but usually it’s masked as something more along the lines of guilt, anger, shame, superstition, OCD type behaviors, and even seemingly positive emotional …

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Mar 15

Musings for 3/15/2017

Oh I just had to! Hehe! The Ides of March has given me some giggles this morning. I saw another where it was a Caesar salad and was just a bowl of lettuce with a bunch of knives stabbed into it. My kind of humor! All jokes aside (or maybe not), I decided this morning …

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