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Dec 31

Adios 2017

2017 hasn’t been a great year has it? There have been a lot of trials and tribulations. I suspect that some of that valuable lesson-type material will continue into 2018, but it feels lighter already. I won’t be sad to see 2017 go. Many of us have been stuck and by stuck, I just mean …

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Dec 22

Musings for 12/22/2017

I have had a lot of grief this week. It’s fresh, just like I picked it up from the store yesterday. Of course I do a lot of inner pondering and such, and one of the topics that I mulled over was living in the now. That’s a big thing you know. I actually enjoyed …

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May 23

Musings for 5/23/2017

I laid awake a long time last night due to a pounding sinus headache and the subsequent stomach burn that resulted from a BC and two Advil. I was too tired and in pain to have anxiety or stress much, so I just pondered this and that. I was a bit surprised though at what …

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Dec 05

Musings for 12/5/2016

I can’t believe it is December. I am sure I blank that out in my mind as long as I can so that I don’t have to face December. Erin’s 13th birthday is coming up on 12/11 and then there is the dreaded Christmas holiday. UGH. Funny how something we loved so much is now …

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Nov 03

Musings for 11/3/2016

Welcome to the revolution. In case you have not noticed, that’s basically what we are experiencing on multiple levels of existence both physical and non-physical. People are angry about the status quo, ideas are changing, and our leadership is about to change in a huge way regardless of who is elected. If this revolution either …

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Jun 13

Musings for 6/13/2016

In my I Love You post today, I focused (as I do every day) on Love. Love is sort of is a binding agent in a way, and thus focuses on our similarities. But right now I want to talk about our differences. I could not do that in my FB post because really, I …

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Mar 04

Musings for 3/4/2016

Gotta love it when you feel pushed to post but have no idea what you want to say. Thank goodness that I don’t have to think of a descriptive or catchy title anymore! Woo hoo! Hey, removal of stress is a great thing and I highly recommend it! ha ha Clearly my higher self or …

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Feb 29

Musings for 2/29/2016

Once again, for a split second I could not remember the year. I managed to get it out, but my first thought was 2014, then 2015, then 2016. Maybe I’m floating around time and space. If so, I hope it gets more interesting than this. Yesterday I experienced a range of negative emotions that I …

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Feb 19

Daily Musing for 2/19/2016

Ha! I am at a loss for a title again and too tired to think up one, so I will just stick with this out of pure laziness. I am able to make the decision to be lazy without feeling guilty aren’t I? Of course I am, and you are too. Just be honest about …

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Feb 17

Daily Musings – 2/17/2016

I am so exhausted emotionally and mentally right now, I decided why not just streamline daily blog post names and make it easy? Well, I decided so I suppose that is a statement! So here is what is going on today… I have thought for days about telling FaceBook “I Love You!” I haven’t acted …

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