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Aug 19

Musings for 8/19/2017

Thank you so, so much for the kind words yesterday. I am always pleasantly amazed, and I think that is wonderful that I can feel amazement and kindness and love at 46 years old. Those are good things about this world we call home and they would not be possible without each of you who …

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Apr 06

Musings for 4/6/2017

Fear. Most of us don’t even realize that fear permeates our daily lives, our bodies, minds, and virtually anything we consciously experience. Sometimes it rears it’s ugly head as plain old fear, but usually it’s masked as something more along the lines of guilt, anger, shame, superstition, OCD type behaviors, and even seemingly positive emotional …

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Mar 15

Musings for 3/15/2017

Oh I just had to! Hehe! The Ides of March has given me some giggles this morning. I saw another where it was a Caesar salad and was just a bowl of lettuce with a bunch of knives stabbed into it. My kind of humor! All jokes aside (or maybe not), I decided this morning …

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Feb 28

Musings for 2/28/2017

I was absentmindedly thinking today and suddenly got a download. I had asked my higher self to tell me how to lovingly communicate to others that fear is not the answer, and more so what that actually means since not everyone equates their emotions and actions with the core emotion of fear. It was then …

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Sep 24

Musings for 9/24/2016

I meant to write several days this week but it wasn’t coming out. In fact I’m still a bit verbally constipated (hehehe), but I feel like I have to speak so here goes. This past week was the equinox and a continuance of the cosmic energies coming onto our planet and thus into our bodies. …

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Jun 27

Musings for 6/27/2016

Undercurrents…of ??? Many things. I see undercurrents everywhere these past few days and while there is progress, there is a lot of unseen happening all around us. That’s not news, because there always is, but what I see isn’t necessarily on the positive spectrum. They upset me too, these undercurrents. And truthfully I don’t like …

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Jun 11

Musings for 6/11/2016

It’s as if my fingers are on auto-pilot because I have no idea what to say today, yet here I am typing. I will try my best not to bore you. I was talking with a few friends earlier today about what people call clearing, or emotional clearing. It was a topic this week on …

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Mar 01

Musings for 3/1/2016

Embarrassment and feeling stupid have turned to downright frustration. I admit it feels similar, but the flavor and scent are somewhat different. Ha ha. If I thought banging my head would help, I’d print that graphic out and attach it to a firm surface and proceed. But I know it will only give me a …

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Feb 29

Musings for 2/29/2016

Once again, for a split second I could not remember the year. I managed to get it out, but my first thought was 2014, then 2015, then 2016. Maybe I’m floating around time and space. If so, I hope it gets more interesting than this. Yesterday I experienced a range of negative emotions that I …

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Feb 24

Musings for 2/24/2016

I almost wrote 2015…wonder why that is? Nothing is coincidence! Well, on with the show here. I am pooped. I was rather industrious yesterday and the day before in the assimilating information and learning sense. Aside from working 7:30 am – 5 pm, I also did my first real module of a traditional Tarot course …

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