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May 17

Musings for 5/17/2017

Finally I remember what I wanted to write about and share for so long. I think I had to get to a space of better understanding before I could do so. I also had some lovely remote energy work done by Kelly Trombly who owns the Divine Energy Center in NY state. I did read …

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Feb 28

Musings for 2/28/2017

I was absentmindedly thinking today and suddenly got a download. I had asked my higher self to tell me how to lovingly communicate to others that fear is not the answer, and more so what that actually means since not everyone equates their emotions and actions with the core emotion of fear. It was then …

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Jun 13

Musings for 6/13/2016

In my I Love You post today, I focused (as I do every day) on Love. Love is sort of is a binding agent in a way, and thus focuses on our similarities. But right now I want to talk about our differences. I could not do that in my FB post because really, I …

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Feb 19

Daily Musing for 2/19/2016

Ha! I am at a loss for a title again and too tired to think up one, so I will just stick with this out of pure laziness. I am able to make the decision to be lazy without feeling guilty aren’t I? Of course I am, and you are too. Just be honest about …

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Nov 17


It’s amazing how one word can bring you to your knees. Yesterday, I was talking to Puppy (yes, I do that all day each day), and was telling him there was plenty of something. I said it enunciated “Plen-ty” just like an ending sentence to an Elmo nursery rhyme that I had read to Erin …

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Aug 31

Upcoming Eclipse

Last week on Thursday, I cleaned out a drawer. That drawer contained two boxes of straws, as well as various plastic straws, and I cried as I did it. I also cleaned Erin’s kid silverware out of our silverware drawer. I had not actually touched it since we arrived home last year. I spent a …

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