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Sep 24

Musings for 9/24/2016

I meant to write several days this week but it wasn’t coming out. In fact I’m still a bit verbally constipated (hehehe), but I feel like I have to speak so here goes. This past week was the equinox and a continuance of the cosmic energies coming onto our planet and thus into our bodies. …

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Aug 13

Ascension Primer – Get Excited!

Yes, Ascension! If you can’t feel the change in the air these days then you aren’t alive. And I really mean that, because there is so much abuzz that no matter what your personal belief system, you have probably wondered lately when the world will end, or begin, depending on your point of view. (Psst…I …

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Jul 10

The Power of Regret

Regret (verb)…to feel sad or sorry about something that you did or did not do. How many times have you said to yourself “Oh I will regret that!” or that you have felt regret, but kept going the same direction you were? Probably many times. I know that I have over a lifetime. I regret …

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Jun 10

The Word

I had a rough day yesterday in regards to lessons, coming at me fast and furious. It exhausted me truthfully. Left me feeling raw and vulnerable. Reopening myself to growth, truth, and a higher vibration of being sort of opened the floodgates. I am amazed at how quickly the lessons have come and how clearly …

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Apr 16


I am starting today with no title. I mention that one way or another, because I feel it sets the tone for whatever is to be said. But I do have two topics. The first thing is that book Emergence that I am reading by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Perhaps “assimilating” is a better way to …

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Dec 02

Last Night’s Meditation Experience

This is going to be a somewhat different post than the type I’ve been feeling lately. Yes I’m still sad…but let me put that aside for a moment in order to share with you something that I experienced yesterday and this morning. Over and over during readings of various types, and during my own meditations, …

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Nov 25

Give a Little Love

OK, you caught me. I’m suddenly humming the Judd’s song by the name of this blog post title. Well, that song isn’t quite the spirit of my thoughts, but it will do. I posted on Facebook a little bit ago that the world needs more love today, and that I thought that was what was …

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Sep 02

The Why’s

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today. I did not want to write about my tale of woe. I am tired of hearing it, but do understand that sometimes I am going to need to get it out. But I’m tired of hearing it. I have been sharing less of it …

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Jul 01

Making a Joyful Noise

How many times have you heard the phrase, make a joyful noise? It is usually in a religious context, and it’s usually used very literally such as telling you to sing or play music or some other audible sound. But what if this was taken out of context completely? The meaning lost, the intent lost? …

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Jul 01

Riding the Catalyst

I will admit that I got mad this morning when reading a FaceBook post from a male I know regarding the court’s ruling on the “Hobby Lobby” case. I use the term mad, to be honest I was fired up! Now I don’t know what specifically got me fired up, but I know it had …

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