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Feb 19

Daily Musing for 2/19/2016

Ha! I am at a loss for a title again and too tired to think up one, so I will just stick with this out of pure laziness. I am able to make the decision to be lazy without feeling guilty aren’t I? Of course I am, and you are too. Just be honest about …

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Jul 04

Let It Go

I wish that I could coherently describe, or even formulate in my brain, the phases of change that I have gone through just in the last 3 months. I know that a few weeks ago I was transmuting. Now, the definition of transmute is to completely change the form, appearance, or nature of (someone or …

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Jun 29

Focus on…Kindness

And welcome back to another episode of “Nicole cannot focus on one thing no matter how hard she tries.” Wow, I bet some scientist somewhere would have a field day with me these last few days. I have a million light bulbs going off at once, so many that I cannot even fathom what they …

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Jan 07

Come As You Are

This is my second draft. I began writing a minute ago, not knowing what I was supposed to say, and then discovered to my dismay that something here in my editor was bugging me. I only mention this because there are no coincidences, and as such I see two things that I need to pay …

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Jan 02

Looking Back

I would have liked to write this on December 31, but unfortunately as soon as I made arrangements with the funeral home for my mother I came down with a terrible cold. It was coming on the 30th, but held off until I had that done, then it hit me with full force. I have …

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Dec 06

Death and Gratitude

I read a friend’s blog post yesterday, and she said something like that she knows usually what her first sentence is going to be, and when she doesn’t, it’s an odd day. Something like that. Well I’ve said that about my titles, and I only mention it because I thought it odd that today’s title …

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Sep 10

The Hamster

Or should I say, the Hampster. Erin always called her clothes hamper the hampster. As I was putting my own socks down the chute last night, I had to walk past her room and I thought of that. She had cute, silly nicknames for so many things. We had many funny stories about those to …

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Jan 20

Message from Joelle of the Galactic Federation of Light – January 19, 2014

Joelle of the Galactic Federation of Light   Dated: Jan. 19, 2014   Greetings,   I am here to make a few announcements for the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and the many Ascended Masters that have spent eons to help with the evolutionary process on the earth of the many   Some of …

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Feb 04

Making a Joyful Noise!

I am hearing the most wonderful things today. Kem told me to entitle this post, Making a Joyful Noise. We’ve probably all heard that many times and thought it had to do with singing or something. Well I just found out what it means. I am vibrating at the rate of JOY. It feels strange …

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Nov 05

Marriage, the basic human relationship

Yesterday, I went to a wedding. I was wondering what I was doing there. I barely knew the bride and groom, although they were very distant relatives. Maybe it’s just emotional support I was giving, to my grandmother, who came all the way to the Philippines from the US to attend the wedding of her …

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