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Jan 26

Joelle’s Watchers Series Update – January 26, 2014

“How the Weather Effects our Lives” What you need to know about the many different attributes of the current weather conditions on the planet; it has a lot to do with knowing something is inherently wrong, for which it makes chase to find answers.  So after watching this particular video below at the very beginning, …

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Jan 25

Joelle’s Watcher Series Update – January 25, 2014

Getting Ready for “The Reset” This week’s “Update” is to give insight on the Currency Funds.  I myself, along with a few of my spiritually awakened 5 D friends have been hearing the word “Bitcoin” on and off for about a week now.  So I proceeded to ask within myself and that of the Guide’s, …

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Jan 23

Joelle’s Watcher Series Update – January 22, 2014

Greetings: Ground Crew, Starseeds, and Awakened Beings. We have recently journeyed through an amazing experience of waking up and coming into fully conscious beings.  Now not everyone has come out of their fog, but it will be soon enough that all will be enlightened with connecting to all that there is in the universe.   For …

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