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Dec 22

Musings for 12/22/2017

I have had a lot of grief this week. It’s fresh, just like I picked it up from the store yesterday. Of course I do a lot of inner pondering and such, and one of the topics that I mulled over was living in the now. That’s a big thing you know. I actually enjoyed …

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Dec 04

Musings for 12/04/2017

This time I’m coming to you from Washington, D.C. I arrived at my hotel today and my room wasn’t ready, so I finally ended up eating lunch in the hotel bar and grill. There was a TV on behind me with our President speaking about downsizing some national parks. You know when they do that, …

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Oct 31

Musings for 10/31/2017

I was going to post Erin’s last Halloween picture, but I couldn’t find it easily and gave up. This picture is from a 2014 A New Leash on Life FaceBook post, and includes a bunch of decorations that we donated. We only kept the things that were near and dear to us and to her. …

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Sep 15

Musings for 9/15/2017

If you don’t know who the fellow in the various pictures is – the guy having his liver eaten by an eagle – it’s Prometheus. He was chained and had to endure the eagle eating his liver daily (he was immortal, and it would regenerate each night). This was a punishment for giving humans the …

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Sep 12

Musings for 9/12/2017

I’m in that time and space where I cannot seem to communicate with any ease. That includes emails, texts, and messages. So if you got something from me that you felt was off, or short, or anything else unusual, I just can’t get it out in a fashion that’s user friendly. Sorry. Deep depression doesn’t …

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Aug 14

Not Amused on 8/14/2017

So I posted on my site, but I don’t fully express there because there is always the chance that one of her friends might be reading it. I do not want a child to have to be exposed to the immense feelings of grief and well, negativity that it brings. At home, we can’t …

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May 02

Musings for 5/2/2017

Several minutes ago I watched one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile. It was this comedian named Peter Kay showcasing misheard lyrics and it was truly funny. I laughed so hard I cried during most of the video. Fast forward a few minutes later to a heart warming clip of a man recovering …

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Apr 19

Musings for 4/19/2017

UGH is today’s word, brought to you by Grief Street. I know many of you are there with me, and if not you are nearby on Depression Avenue. I know because you have been kind enough to open up to me about your struggles and now we share a bond. An extra special bond of …

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Apr 06

Musings for 4/6/2017

Fear. Most of us don’t even realize that fear permeates our daily lives, our bodies, minds, and virtually anything we consciously experience. Sometimes it rears it’s ugly head as plain old fear, but usually it’s masked as something more along the lines of guilt, anger, shame, superstition, OCD type behaviors, and even seemingly positive emotional …

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Apr 05

Musings for 4/5/2017

Every day, this is what I feel like inside. Some days are worse. This week, it has been worse and what that means is that I cannot keep it inside and it must come out. For those of you who are grieving along side me, I am so very sorry…for you…for us. Earlier in the …

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