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Aug 19

Musings for 8/19/2017

Thank you so, so much for the kind words yesterday. I am always pleasantly amazed, and I think that is wonderful that I can feel amazement and kindness and love at 46 years old. Those are good things about this world we call home and they would not be possible without each of you who …

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Aug 17

Musings for 8/17/2017

I pulled some tarot cards from my Wildwood deck today to ask about an issue I’m experiencing, and the first card I pulled was the Four of Vessels – Boredom. This card says “boredom” but specifically speaks about forward motion and how inaction leads to boredom. The question was about “right action” specifically, so here …

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Aug 16

Musings for 8/16/2017

I want to start this post by remembering Denise Perkins. Her birthday is today and her friends and family miss her. <3 But the rest of it, some of y’all might not like (repeat that in your best Southern drawl – for you Northerners, something close to Forrest Gump). I just can’t hold it in …

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Aug 14

Not Amused on 8/14/2017

So I posted on my site, but I don’t fully express there because there is always the chance that one of her friends might be reading it. I do not want a child to have to be exposed to the immense feelings of grief and well, negativity that it brings. At home, we can’t …

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Aug 09

Musings for 8/9/2017

I would have written yesterday but I was too busy all day. I spent all of my work day at the Civic Center at a symposium I’m working this week, and then did a much needed hour of yoga when I got home. That and dinner ate up my entire evening. I still had time …

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Aug 07

Musings for 8/7/2017

Well I keep hearing we have to leave our baggage if we’re willing during this month of August. I guess on some level I must be willing but on this conscious level, I’m dang confused. I’m also laughing at myself because I tend to have issues come up that I have to confront head on …

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Aug 05

Musings for 8/5/2017

I realized that I in fact did not finish my lament two days ago. I meant to write yesterday but got distracted when the cable/internet went out for FIFTEEN HOURS just around 3:30 pm yesterday. We knew how long it was out because Shaun couldn’t sleep and was up when it came back on. I …

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Aug 03

Musings for 8/3/2017

Despite my best efforts, this month is taking a toll on me. I am very tired, achy, and right now have a smashing case of brain fog. It’s true that ignoring something doesn’t make it go away or better, but sometimes you just have to not consciously think about things. I literally think of Erin …

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Jul 31

Musings for 7/31/2017 and Mexico Trip!

Hola peeps! Hehe, I said that so much last week I am still in Mexico mode. I think it’s nice to speak the language of where you are visiting when you can. It’s respectful, and considering that most of the world took it upon them to learn English, I try to reciprocate the courtesy. I …

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Jul 15

Musings for 7/15/2017

I have been out of town and otherwise engaged recently and at one point was going to write offline on an airplane, but decided to play Candy Crush instead and finish listening to Keepers of the Garden by Dolores Cannon. If you aren’t familiar with her work, it’s phenomenal and this was a very good …

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