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Jun 28

Musings for 6/28/2017

Ah, hello good people. I wanted to write you yesterday but ran out of time (and just to be completely honest, I ran out of time yesterday 6/27 and so am finishing this up today). It’s been a weekend of anxiety for me and then I got a sore throat, but the good news is …

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Jun 19

Musings for 6/19/2017

Nearly wrote “Mustings” and my first thought was it being musty. I sure hope my content isn’t musty around here. I bet it is. Needs to be updated. Perhaps even my stream of consciousness needs updating. Remember – there are no coincidences so pay attention to the little things! I have been in a very …

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May 23

Musings for 5/23/2017

I laid awake a long time last night due to a pounding sinus headache and the subsequent stomach burn that resulted from a BC and two Advil. I was too tired and in pain to have anxiety or stress much, so I just pondered this and that. I was a bit surprised though at what …

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May 17

Musings for 5/17/2017

Finally I remember what I wanted to write about and share for so long. I think I had to get to a space of better understanding before I could do so. I also had some lovely remote energy work done by Kelly Trombly who owns the Divine Energy Center in NY state. I did read …

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May 10

Musings for 5/10/2017 – An Ode To El Palacio

I thought some of you might get a kick out of the title! But in all seriousness, I find these past few days that I am contemplating the impact that El Palacio has had on my lifetime. Even though I haven’t eaten there much in the past few years, I have been eating there since …

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May 08

Musings for 5/8/2017

So last night wow, what an awful night. I kept having the same dream stuff over and over. It was as if we – me and a group of people I knew in the dream but don’t remember now – kept trying to get away from someone or some thing. It was very long and …

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May 05

Musings for 5/5/2017

So this week I’m having a physical crisis I guess. The root cause, other than whatever went on pre-3 years ago, is 3+ years of intense stress and anxiety. When you are pumping cortisol and adrenaline most of every day, the wear and tear on your body is enormous. I have repeatedly said that I …

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May 02

Musings for 5/2/2017

Several minutes ago I watched one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile. It was this comedian named Peter Kay showcasing misheard lyrics and it was truly funny. I laughed so hard I cried during most of the video. Fast forward a few minutes later to a heart warming clip of a man recovering …

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Apr 20

Musings for 4/20/2017

I just had a revelation but I’m not quite sure what to make of it. I had someone look at my house last night. We got a call out of the blue a week ago from a neighbor / real estate agent who had a client that wanted to see our home. We had just …

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Apr 19

Musings for 4/19/2017

UGH is today’s word, brought to you by Grief Street. I know many of you are there with me, and if not you are nearby on Depression Avenue. I know because you have been kind enough to open up to me about your struggles and now we share a bond. An extra special bond of …

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