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Oct 17

Musings for 10/17/2017

Yesterday was my mother Linda’s birthday. She would have been 74 years old, and in the picture she was 71 (her last birthday). I was going to post in her honor yesterday but was bummed about the date so held off until today. Mom loved parties and having a good time, so next time you …

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Oct 14

Musings for 10/14/2017

I have not been excited about anything, truly, in a long time. So I thought first I would share with you something I colored in from my adult coloring book. I did this a few weeks ago but just could not get excited about it at that time. I keep reading that being creative will …

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Oct 09

Musings for 10/9/2017

Hoping that this doesn’t come out like garbledygook. I have no idea why that was **the** word to use but it is. I heard it in my mind twice, so there you go. And look – it’s already garbled. I also was nudged to use an image from my media library and without knowing what, …

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Sep 28

Musings for 9/28/2017

I stopped writing for awhile, at least regularly, as things were just bottled up inside of me. One thing I learned during this period, though, was that I absolutely had to sit with what I was feeling and stop running from it. That took a lot for me to do, as even the idea of …

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Sep 15

Musings for 9/15/2017

If you don’t know who the fellow in the various pictures is – the guy having his liver eaten by an eagle – it’s Prometheus. He was chained and had to endure the eagle eating his liver daily (he was immortal, and it would regenerate each night). This was a punishment for giving humans the …

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Sep 12

Musings for 9/12/2017

I’m in that time and space where I cannot seem to communicate with any ease. That includes emails, texts, and messages. So if you got something from me that you felt was off, or short, or anything else unusual, I just can’t get it out in a fashion that’s user friendly. Sorry. Deep depression doesn’t …

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Aug 27

Musings for 8/27/2017

Grieving never ends. It doesn’t matter what I am doing in the moment, something always brings me back to Erin. It’s usually inconvenient, and always unpleasant. For awhile – all month for sure – I’ve been pushing it down and back. How I have felt this weekend, though, is proof that it’s there regardless of …

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Aug 25

Musings for 8/25/2017

Many of you are worried about yourself, friends, or family in the south Texas area where Harvey is destined to land. From a 3D human perspective that is completely normal and probably borne out of great love. I’m so thankful that you have those that you love and thus worry about! But please, let me …

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Aug 24

Musings for 8/24/2017

I am still seeing and hearing about the Unity theme that was brought in by the eclipse. I had some body work done yesterday and my practitioner told a lovely story about watching the eclipse from her front yard (partial – here in HSV). She noticed a man who had been cutting a nearby yard …

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Aug 22

Musings for 8/22/2017

Yesterday I was able to witness the total solar eclipse from Tennessee. I had no definite plans to go but ended up meeting two ladies that I adore, and with Shaun and Erin’s friend AK, our group made 5 total. 5 is a number that I equate with change, and change is just what is …

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