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Jan 11

Musings for 1/11/2018

Yesterday I managed to have a major “breakthrough” in regards to beating myself up about (insert here). I know there are others out there who are also beating themselves up knowingly and unknowingly. Either way, your Self hears and feels you and it is unhealthy. My hope is that we can learn together to be …

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Jan 10

Musings for 1/10/2018

This morning I managed to get the gum off of my floor mat (for anyone following that! ha ha). I haven’t stepped in gum in ages, and still don’t know exactly when I did it because it wasn’t on any of my shoes! But it got onto my car floor mat, and someone suggested Goo …

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Jan 09

Musings for 1/9/2018

Today I attended the second funeral in less than a week down at Spry Funeral Home on North Parkway. I actually meant to post about the first one last week, so let me say a short bit about that. A dear friend’s mother died, someone who was like a second mother to me in high …

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Dec 31

Adios 2017

2017 hasn’t been a great year has it? There have been a lot of trials and tribulations. I suspect that some of that valuable lesson-type material will continue into 2018, but it feels lighter already. I won’t be sad to see 2017 go. Many of us have been stuck and by stuck, I just mean …

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Dec 28

Musings for 12/28/2017

I’ve actually been musing for several days. So here goes… I hope that you all had a lovely holiday with your family. I am very adamant about saying holiday as I don’t know what you specifically celebrate. My former celebrations were quite eclectic as time went on and in all honesty, Christmas was always about …

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Dec 22

Musings for 12/22/2017

I have had a lot of grief this week. It’s fresh, just like I picked it up from the store yesterday. Of course I do a lot of inner pondering and such, and one of the topics that I mulled over was living in the now. That’s a big thing you know. I actually enjoyed …

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Dec 10

Tribute to my Aunt, Shirley Dempsey Stephens

My beloved aunt Shirley shed her body on the evening of December 6, 2017. She died after a short bout of lung cancer that spread to her brain, and complications from her existing COPD. Her decline was fast, and I am thankful for that, having seen people linger – and suffer. Aunt Shirley was my …

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Dec 05

Musings for 12/5/2017

Today I bring tidings of good cheer. LOL I don’t know where I get this stuff…it just pops into my mind and rolls off of my fingertips here. But truly, I had such a lovely experience today with my Uber drivers to Goddard and back that I want to share. My first Uber driver was …

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Dec 04

Musings for 12/04/2017

This time I’m coming to you from Washington, D.C. I arrived at my hotel today and my room wasn’t ready, so I finally ended up eating lunch in the hotel bar and grill. There was a TV on behind me with our President speaking about downsizing some national parks. You know when they do that, …

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Nov 30

Musings for 11/30/2017

I had a bittersweet day yesterday at my paternal uncle Therrell Hunt’s funeral. I wrote about it the other day, that I had not visited in a long time. It wasn’t as “bad” as I thought, but it was a little uncomfortable here and there as well-meaning people asked “Do you have any children?” and …

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