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Oct 14

Musings for 10/14/2017

I have not been excited about anything, truly, in a long time. So I thought first I would share with you something I colored in from my adult coloring book. I did this a few weeks ago but just could not get excited about it at that time. I keep reading that being creative will …

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Apr 05

Musings for 4/5/2017

Every day, this is what I feel like inside. Some days are worse. This week, it has been worse and what that means is that I cannot keep it inside and it must come out. For those of you who are grieving along side me, I am so very sorry…for you…for us. Earlier in the …

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Mar 07

Musings for 3/7/2016

Ah, letting go seems to be today’s theme. I mean this in the sense of letting go of old energy so that you can embrace new energy. Think of it like updating your software, or hardware for that matter. They release updates for many reasons, including improved performance, updated features, security fixes, to be competitive …

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Mar 04

Musings for 3/4/2016

Gotta love it when you feel pushed to post but have no idea what you want to say. Thank goodness that I don’t have to think of a descriptive or catchy title anymore! Woo hoo! Hey, removal of stress is a great thing and I highly recommend it! ha ha Clearly my higher self or …

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Feb 24

Musings for 2/24/2016

I almost wrote 2015…wonder why that is? Nothing is coincidence! Well, on with the show here. I am pooped. I was rather industrious yesterday and the day before in the assimilating information and learning sense. Aside from working 7:30 am – 5 pm, I also did my first real module of a traditional Tarot course …

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Feb 19

Daily Musing for 2/19/2016

Ha! I am at a loss for a title again and too tired to think up one, so I will just stick with this out of pure laziness. I am able to make the decision to be lazy without feeling guilty aren’t I? Of course I am, and you are too. Just be honest about …

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Feb 16

Making Way for the Next Place

I chose this title for today’s blog because of a book that my lovely neighbor, GL, gave us after Erin’s body died. It’s called The Next Place. I have only read it once, but it speaks of where you go after your body dies. Simply put, the next place. Because how do we really know …

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Feb 05

Delving Deeper Through My Dreams

Sometime early in January, I thought, I am going to dedicate myself to write every day again. Well, I have been integrating and working out a lot of stuff deep within, and have not been able to bring myself to do anything more than write a private email about it here and there. And even …

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Aug 31

Upcoming Eclipse

Last week on Thursday, I cleaned out a drawer. That drawer contained two boxes of straws, as well as various plastic straws, and I cried as I did it. I also cleaned Erin’s kid silverware out of our silverware drawer. I had not actually touched it since we arrived home last year. I spent a …

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Aug 13

Ascension Primer – Get Excited!

Yes, Ascension! If you can’t feel the change in the air these days then you aren’t alive. And I really mean that, because there is so much abuzz that no matter what your personal belief system, you have probably wondered lately when the world will end, or begin, depending on your point of view. (Psst…I …

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