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Making the Leap from 3D to 5D in Mind, Body, & Spirit

Or, as I’ve seen it described recently, from the Ego Self to the Quantum Self. Can you say wow?

Over the many years of my spiritual journey, I have believed that I have gained increased amounts of wisdom, knowledge, and awakening. It was only recently that I realized that this “progress” was only from a 3rd dimensional perspective (3D), because that was where my thought process lived. But was this a catch-22? How could I rise to the level of a 5th dimensional perspective (5D) when I didn’t know what that was?

I argue that I could not, and did not, until someone explained to me that we were trying to solve for 5D answers using 3D linear thought.** Honestly, this was huge in how I approached nearly everything in my physical life as well as my spiritual journey. It tied together not only the idea of many selves in many realities and what happens after 3D “death.” It validated visions and messages that I had received fairly recently. And most of all, it showed me that the 3D systems and structures that we are tied to do not translate into 5D systems, structures, and ideas. That included my understanding of integrity and touched on other ideas that I held as honorable.

Our ideas about things like stealing, for instance, come directly from 3D thought. Now, I am not suggesting that you begin a life of taking things that aren’t yours, but it’s not so cut and dry. We have a mentality of mine, mine, mine and if it’s mine, it cannot be yours. Yet we cannot truly own the land we live on can we? And many of us would argue that it’s not right to assert that we can. We write songs that we want to share with the world, but then assert ownership over them so that others must pay to listen to their sweet melody or heartfelt words. I offer these examples to you because they stand out to me as being 3D/stealing and yet 5D/does not compute.

And we can’t have it both ways. In the past, I have been hard and fast – from a 3D perspective – on integrity. It’s out of integrity to use a software program that I did not pay for because I did not exchange energy (i.e., money) to use it. It’s out of integrity to not claim that $5 I made on a tarot reading on my income taxes because it’s against the rules. But is it really? I suspect that many of you may find yourself with interesting opinions about either of those examples.

Integrity, after all, means “wholeness” at its heart. I do not feel whole being in either fear of lack or fear of giving freely. I do feel whole giving freely and also freely receiving. That is one of the stark differences between 3D and 5D approaches to … thinking? Not entirely. Thinking is of the 3D realm, whereas being heart-centered and Loving is of the 5D realm.

I want to switch gears here briefly to tell you about an article that I read on Epoch Times called “A new theory of consciousness: the mind exists as a field connected to the brain” by Tara MacIsaac. To quote from the article:

Dr. Dirk K.F. Meijer, a professor at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, hypothesizes that consciousness resides in a field surrounding the brain.

The article goes on to describe the research and theories, one of which is that the field surrounding the brain is a nested torus. He also believes that the field is sort of like a black hole (singularity) in which:

The event horizon separates “a mental model of reality for internal use in each individual” from all that exists outside of it. Yet it is connected to a “universal information matrix.”

Doesn’t this describe how our higher self, or 5D consciousness, “inhabits” this 3D vessel and all of the implications that go along with that? I think so. I had a lot of light bulbs going off while reading it.

I still have questions, for example, about why some are completely mired in 3D and forget that their “higher” self is connected from elsewhere. And what about those that remember the connection? Maybe it takes so much energy to power it that they must go into stasis or some dream-like state and only remain “awake” here? What if you completely remember? Are you awake in both places?

Returning to my original thought, realizing and understanding that I no longer had to approach “life” as 3D has opened up my ideas and thought processes tremendously. I feel liberated and out of the box. It was if I have been locked into a structure that was so oppressive that to deviate in a meaningful way would result in punishment. Or something like that, because even after 46 years it had not yet dawned on me that I was repeating the same old patterns over and over with the same result.

Couple that with the article on the brain field and I now understand what some drugs (and alcohol) do to that connection and even why black outs or memory loss occurs. Depressants turn down that connection, and so you end up operating on either purely the brain, or some lower vibrational entity may come in for a bit and operate the body. Because that’s what’s going on – operation of the body through a quantum connection of some sort (that I do not know how to explain). I wonder if the folks who wrote the movie Avatar ever explained how those people operated their avatars? It had to be a similar concept.

I’m guessing that psilocybin and other similar substances do the opposite and open up that field a bit more. And I wonder what they administered in the Avatar movie now as well.

Regardless, this really brings new meaning to the phrase “Your body is your temple” for me. It’s at least my vessel, and I wonder how I did not see or appreciate that more until today? I had to shift my thinking from that of a normal 3D Earth Human to what I assume is a normal 5D Earth Human, visiting from somewhere else but enjoying a form suitable for this planet.

Written by Nicole Canter

**I strongly encourage you to read Preparing for First Contact by Dr. Suzanne Lie as it was a large part of changing my thought process, as well as Magenta Pixie’s Masters of the Matrix and Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template.

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