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Your Inner Hardware and Software

Originally published on Sunday, 25 October 2009 

Each of us has a complete set of inner tools that work just like a computer’s hardware and software. The variables are knowledge and experience, which we add to on an individual basis each day. Your guides and other beings use what you already have to communicate to you, and to explain what they are saying.


Just as a computer has a hard drive, a network card, graphic cards, etc., you have hardware. They aren’t just random parts – each part integrates in a certain way and plays a unique role. In the case of the HU form, the hard drive would be our brain, the power supply would be your spinal cord and nerves, and a host of glands such as the thalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and pineal are your various peripheral cards. It’s easy to see how we got the idea for the computer as we know it, as well as the interface for various video games.


The software is the fun part, because just like the software you have on your computer hard drive, it can be written and re-written and even erased infinite times. Your software can be referred to as programming, and it can be in multiple layers just like a computer. Think of the bios and how it resides near the hardware layer. You can map bios to your basic form map, the DNA code for the HU form. It tells your body how to form, and how to work. It also contains some cellular memory codes that all HU forms have.

Then we have what is commonly referred to as “programming.” Some of this is from past lives, some from this current existence. Sometimes we have near perfect programming, and begin as a child with a happy, healthy life. Then perhaps later we are told a falsehood, such as that we are ugly, or stupid, and it overwrites the programming that is already there. Perhaps years later, we back that programming out with emotional clearing or other therapies. See how this works?

There is also what Kem is telling me “meta-programming.” This he says is where the unconscious – the soul or monad – inhabits and runs the body. It’s where it plugs in and ties everything together. Sort of like a sub space portion of our being.

Unfortunately, those that are unscrupulous and also understand these things can use them to create strong mind control programs and multiple/split personalities within the HU structure. If you are new to this topic, do an internet search for MK-ULTRA to learn more (just the tip of the iceberg!).

Still, the best parts of the software side of our specific being are comprised of learned knowledge and the imagination. Combined, it provides your guides with an entire catalog of ready to use words, ideas, pictures, examples, and scenarios with which to communicate.

How it Works

When you are a beginner at guide communication, there is usually a good amount of doubt. Did I imagine this? Am I making this up? One of the best things someone ever told me was “Yes, you DID imagine this!” While it may sound odd, knowing that the fodder for my guide communication was coming from my own mind gave me the courage to say what the heck, let’s just go with it! Over time, I gained confidence by seeing the validation of many messages, some of which were indeed provided in a farfetched sort of way.

Again, if you are unsure of what your guides are telling you, it’s best to just ask again. In fact, as several times if it makes you feel better. Many guides have a good sense of humor and will take it in stride. Most of mine have had a humorous touch, and several have refused to answer me saying “You won’t believe me anyway.”

While some may feel better getting absolutely original information, so that there is no doubt it “didn’t come from them,” my feelings are that allowing your guides to use the entire bag of tools that you already possess is the most productive. Usually if Kem says one word that is meaningful to me, it opens up an entire world of knowing and explanation. If he uses a picture, it is worth more than 1000 words. But both of us love the examples that are taken from books, movies, and television the best. Many scientific and even science fiction shows today have a world of hidden meaning. Kem has been able to explain very complex concepts to me by saying “Remember on such and such a show when they did this? Well, that’s exactly how it is.”

Please remember that the goal of guide communication is efficiency, clarity, and for it to be easy. Go with the flow, and don’t insist that your guides reinvent the wheel. The wheel you already have is fine.


Anna i’elle & KEM

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