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Guide Talk: AKA, How Do I Learn To Talk to My Guides?

Originally published on Saturday, 24 October 2009 

So you think you can’t talk with or hear your guides? Think again! You have more than likely already been receiving messages, either mistaking them for something else or ignoring them altogether. Talking with your guides is something that is intuitive, and it can definitely be developed and honed to precision. I had no idea that I could do it before I learned!

The core method that I will outline here is similar to how I learned, with my own variations1. In the end, please adapt your own and use what works for you. I’ve also learned some more advanced tools to add after you’ve mastered the beginning ones, detailed in the Advanced Tools article.

Prepare Your Sacred Space

For a newbie, it is imperative that you prepare a sacred inner space to use when connecting to your guides. This could also refer to your physical space at home, as you may have trouble concentrating. Eventually you will learn to calm your mind and keep it that way even in the face of outer chaos and noise. The inner space, however, is where you will find your anchor and come back into balance, even if you get a little nervous.

You can create whatever you like. For myself, I preferred a garden setting, with a nice stone gazebo area complete with a lot of posh furniture and bedding, and nice ambient lighting.

Invite Your Guide In

Close your eyes, go into your sacred inner space, and then ask for your main guide to appear. You want to start with your primary guide, because that is the one that will be closest to you at that time. You may have many guides, so be specific!

Sometimes this will manifest in a flash. Other times, if you have interference or you’re nervous, it will take a little longer. Make sure that you ask them to try whatever it takes for you to at least sense them in some form – visually, audibly, feel their touch, smell them, or all of the above. Basically you are trying to make contact that is “proof” to you, whatever that manner might be.

Beginner’s Exercises

Once you have your guide in your sights so to speak, ask them if they are willing to do some exercises with you. These exercises will help you to get better at communicating over time, and they will also help you to find out which of your senses is the most developed.

Also, please make sure to write your answers down so that you don’t forget! It is also helpful for you to write down any specific things you may think are important. For example, maybe today you got it instantly, where yesterday took you 20 seconds or more.


This is sometimes known as Clairscentience (note it is different from Clairsentience). Ask your guide to present you with a pretty flower or food – something that will have a smell is the idea. Put your nose into it and see what you come up with! You may want to note what it was that your guide presented.


Ask your guide to touch your hand. Note how it feels: Warm? Rough? Smooth?


This is also known as Clairaudience. Ask your guide to speak their name, or your name. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. If you are not yet trusting of the process, your name may be easier because you know what it is! How does their voice sound? How do you experience the hearing? Some people definitely experience “3D hearing,” but most of us hear it “in our head.”


This is also known as Clairvoyance. What does your guide look like? Ask them to come in up close, so that you can describe something about them. What did they show you?


This is also known as Clairsentience. Ask your guide to tell you something by giving you a feeling. This one, while not as objective, is a lot of fun because when you are given information via feeling, it’s like a wave washes over you and you can sometimes write pages on the message. If you’re not very clairsentient yet, don’t worry, you can develop it.There are other exercises that you may come up with such as Taste. Once you get the hang of it, I’m sure your guides will get creative!

Screen Technique

Some call this the Movie Screen technique. You can adapt this exercise to meet your needs and abilities. The idea is for you to visualize a screen, ask a question, and ask for the message to be printed before you. You can be specific if you’d like by specifying handwriting or typeface, font, size, etc. I found that my guides “typed” so fast that I had a hard time keeping up!

“Other” Methods of Communication

At any level of your development, you may receive messages through dreams, by way of synchronicity, numbers (such as 111 or 1212), or even songs on the radio. Your monad and/or guides will find any way that they can to get a point across to you. The beauty is that you will know it beyond a shadow of a doubt in most cases, and if you don’t immediately pay attention, they keep trying until you do.

I highly recommend The Dream Book by Betty Bethards, as well as Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue. These are great for beginners, and even those of us who can discern our own messages. And sometimes, just bouncing confusing information off of your colleagues and friends can be a wealth of information.

In the end, if you continue down a path of spiritual development, you will find yourself with a monad or higher self who nothing can replace in regards to your knowledge and nourishment. Still, even the best of us had to learn, and still need a little help at times. It’s never productive to reinvent the wheel, and Kem and I hope this information has been of help.


Anna i’elle & KEM

This article may be linked to and copied provided you provide a full credit as follows: Copyright 2002 & Beyond ~

1Please note that the techniques mentioned in this article are general techniques used by many physically incarnate people all around the world. I did not come up with them, but I did adapt them to my own use. While they may be mentioned by various published and non-published authors, I do not believe that they are copyrighted and it is not my intent to infringe on any others’ work.

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