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Different Vibration, Different Guides: How to Recognize Energy, and Handle a Change in Guides

Originally published on Sunday, 25 October 2009 

It is imperative that you recognize the vibration of those around you, both physical and non-physical. Every molecule, and even smaller, has its own energy signature. Once you become experienced, it is easy to recognize the vibration of even non-physical beings. This article is really a two part article. First, it will help you to recognize different energies, so that you will know beyond a doubt who you are talking with. The second part of this article deals with what to look for when your guides change. This happens more frequently than you would expect, but if you do not know what you are looking for you may not realize it has happened.

What Is Vibration?

Some metaphysical terms are thrown around a lot, or even used interchangeably. This is usually for simplicity’s sake. The term vibration really refers to the vibratory rate of your energy. Even planets have a vibration. Earth’s vibration, for instance, has been rising towards 13 hertz for several years now. But vibrations aren’t general – they are very precise to a point where yours and mine may be nearly identical, but definitely not identical. And you don’t have to be sensitive to energy necessarily to detect differences as long as you are paying attention.

How Does It Feel?

A being’s vibration can run the gamut in regards to how it feels. Have you ever heard people talk about a negative spirit in a house feeling “heavy?” Or when you fall in love, you may feel so light that you could float! The vibration of love is one of the highest vibrations that someone can carry, second only to compassion. When you are emitting love, you truly are higher than a kite in terms of vibration!

There are many things about a person’s vibration that you may sense or feel. For instance, you may intuitively know if someone is in your home, or that someone is about to call or stop by. You may even know who, but you don’t know why. You are sensing their unique vibration.

Will My Guide’s Vibration Change?

Again, in simplistic terms any particular being’s vibration is unique. However, as their level of consciousness rises, falls, or otherwise changes, there may be subtle differences in the way that you feel their presence. There will still be the constant in energy signature, which again, is the part that is unique to that being.

When communicating with your guides, monad, higher self, etc., if you ever feel that “something isn’t right” it’s important to stop and do some checks to ensure that another being isn’t masking themselves and posing as the being you know. This happens more often than you would think. The general rule is that if you ask at least 3 times, you should get the correct answer. For instance, I would say “Is this Kem, my monad?” and wait for an answer.

If you detect a marked change in your guide but you are sure that it is the same being, then it is time to ask someone else to help you determine what the cause is. You can call in another etheric being such as Saint Germaine, or you can ask another intuitive friend to ask their host of guides. Whatever you do, it’s important to know if you need to request a change in guides. An example of what this would look like is if your family member had a personality shift such as becoming depressed or addicted to alcohol. Their behavior would change, as would their vibration (going from light to heavy, for instance), but they would obviously be the same soul.

Guide Changes

When speaking of guide or even some higher self relationships, you are not bound to be with them forever. At times you will find that as mentioned above, your guide isn’t in your best interest anymore but does not leave you. When that happens, the appropriate thing to do is request a guide change. Guide changes happen over the normal course of your evolution anyway, but usually it is by friendly agreement. My first “known” guide was Morya, a beautiful White dragon. He is a beautiful soul and was very good to me, but one day our contract was up and I outgrew him. This is what he wanted of course! He served his purpose and then willingly set me upon the next leg of my journey. Had he not been of the lighted path, though, he may not have wanted to leave and thus held me (and himself) back. Those who are not service to others don’t always honor free will.

If you have what I call a “normal” change of guides, you will first notice that your guide steps back and isn’t as involved. You will then see that when you call, that he or she isn’t always available. Maybe you even have a surrogate, interim guide, or just a “babysitter” for when yours is away. At this point you should ask…Do I have a babysitter? Am I changing guides? You will get the answer that you ask for. If you don’t hear it correctly or well, ask again and eventually you will get it. You can even ask what your new guide’s name is.

There may be other clues that you are due a guide change. For instance, if you normally light purple candles for your bath, maybe one day you’re nudged to light a green one (with this color more closely matching the resonance of the new guide). Of course, it can always be an addition to all of the beings that are guiding you down your path, so you will have to ask specific questions.

Several times I have mentioned the Monad soul, the one complete resonance of your being. I differentiate this from the term Higher Self, because we have many versions of self floating around out there in some cases. On the way to Oneness, you may experience an integration of different versions of the Monad before you become one with your own personal All That Is. Also, if you have genetic markers for several different Monad souls, you may spend time with all of them before one decides to stay. This is, of course, another topic entirely, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knows it is possible and quite natural.Kem says this is all for now.


Anna i’elle & KEM

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