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Advanced Guide Communication Tools

Originally published on Saturday, 24 October 2009 

In addition to the beginner’s guide talk tools that were outlined in the “How Do I Learn to Talk to My Guides” article, there are tools that should be used both only at an advanced level, and because you are at an advanced level. This article details two must have tools for your toolset – Dowsing Rods, and the ability to Automatic Write with your monad and/or guides.

The Must Have Toolset

Once you learn the ropes and begin making sensational vibratory leaps, many things will happen including outgrowing the basic techniques. Many of the techniques that are more advanced I have learned on my path to becoming a Wingmaker, and the reason that they are more advanced is because they are designed to be reliable, secure, and of integrity. When you get higher vibrational guides and/or your monad moves in, they will not communicate if dark or lower vibrational energies are tampering with your connection or tools.

Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods are imperative when you are farther along on your path and especially so if your monad or higher self has begun to re-merge with the body. You can use your dowsing rods to speak with any guide, but the beauty is that you can attune them to a clean, secure connection between you and your monad only.

You should get a set of rods that are heavy duty and set to the specifications as the set you can find at this link. If you think you can go with a cheaper set of rods, think again, because it is all about the ability to conduct the secure connection. The last thing that you want is to be talking with Lucipher and think it is Archangel Michael!

When you get your rods, you need to clean them with silver cleaner and dry with a white cloth or paper towel. You also need to take heavy duty Velcro and wrap the wooden handles (I will find a picture and update this with a link). You can find this at any Lowe’s type store, or at Wal-Mart. This improves the conductivity. Lastly, somehow label which one goes to which hand. You need only label one, as long as you know which hand it maps to. It’s important to use the same rod with the same hand, and it improves the learning curve. When you store them, even prior to first use, do not touch the rods together directly.

When you use your rods, you should be in an area that is devoid of electronics, and quiet so that you do not have outside physical distractions. Light a white candle, as the flame purifies and also strengthens the connection. The higher the flame goes, the higher the vibration level of the guide present. Clear your space – with the blue light if you can – and clear your rods. You may need to state “all lower dimensional entities must leave my space now by my freewill” and ask that your guide help you to clear the space if you do not yet have the blue light ability. Sit in a chair with your back erect, and your feet flat on the ground. Now you’re ready!Ask your guide or monad to show you yes and no – do this silently with your “inner language!” If you verbalize your questions then you may get outside interference. The rods should move smoothly but not swing wildly. If they swing wildly, you have outside interference. If they do not move, it is either due to outside interference of a sort that makes your guide or monad stay silent (they will not talk if you have negative entities around), or it is a question that they will not answer. Remember that this is an art that you must hone, and it is also something that you must learn to hone together with your guide or monad. Just like nursing a baby – the baby doesn’t come out knowing how to nurse but they know how to suck. You learn through classes how to nurse, but you don’t have the practical experience. So you learn together, and after awhile it becomes smooth sailing for both of you…if you keep at it.

Other tips include that while learning at least, 4am – 5am in the morning is the best time to dowse. Everything is still shut down and silent at that time, including people’s errant thoughts. Also, you do not want anyone else to touch your rods. Clean them with silver cleaner and dry with a white paper towel or cloth if they get “contaminated” with others’ energies. In fact, it’s a good idea to just clean them regularly.

Automatic Writing / Writing with Your Guides or Monad

Automatic Writing actually can be a beginner’s tool, but I have it grouped under advanced tools because just as other energies can hijack your dowsing rods, so can they hijack your automatic writing connection. I actually prefer writing to dowsing, but I still use dowsing to confirm either unclear or important information. I say this because on the Advanced Energetics and/or Wingmaker path, you cannot skip the dowsing step. Think of it as learning your toolset so that you will know how to use the prescribed tool at the prescribed time.

Once you are used to reading energies, i.e., you know who you are talking to without looking at them, it’s a good idea to start honing this method at least with your monad. Automatic writing can be done two different ways. First, you can just sit down and channel something without direct participation. The second way is to ask questions to the person (guide/monad) you are speaking with, and then let them answer. You do not have to type out the questions, but personally, if I go back to review my material I don’t know what in the heck I was asking if I don’t type them out. On occasion, Kem will repeat the question in his answer if our communication was instantaneous, so that I don’t have to go to the extra trouble.

Some people automatic write by hand with pen and paper, others type on the computer. I personally prefer to type and so does Kem. You can also light a white candle to strengthen the connection and purify the energy.

Monad Specific

If you have chosen to bond with your monad, at some point you will also develop your inner language with them. This is almost like an encrypted code that other entities cannot break. It is not the same as telepathy or even “thought” communication with other entities. The best way to get started on this with your monad is to ask and let it be known that you are ready. Then, you’ll know it’s online because it resembles instant communication without even hearing or feeling a word!

Once you get to an advanced level of a high vibration, you will have an extensive “magic tool bag” full of tools and full of knowledge. You can think of this magic bag and how it develops over time the same way that technology develops. There will be more of a variety and better tools as time goes on, but there are still tried and trusted staples.


Anna i’elle & KEM

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