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Symptoms of Entity Attachment

Originally published on Wednesday, 07 October 2009 

There are many, many different symptoms of entity attachment in a person. But there are certainly some that are more common than others. Really, you or someone you trust should ask your guides if you are unsure, and if you need help. Disclaimer: This is NOT intended to replace legitimate medical help and should not be taken as such! Always consult a licensed health or mental health care provider to rule out a physical or mental cause to your symptoms. This is your responsibility!

Common Symptoms

Here is a list of the common symptoms, and further information where warranted.

  • Cold spots on your body.
  • Sudden and/or intense pain which has no medical cause.
  • Fatigue.
  • “Foggy” brain.
  • Erratic or irrational behavior – not common for your personality.
  • Sudden fits of anger that you don’t even understand (much less those around you!).
  • Finding yourself off course with your path. The deviation wouldn’t be something your guide would have you do, usually due to the nature of it.
  • The illnesses, pain, or fits of anger happen at very coincidental moments that appear to “ruin everything.” They appear to have a pattern and are calculated.
  • You feel something entering your body or etheric field. Sometimes it is painful.
  • You suddenly begin destructive habits.
  • You hear voices, and they are not of the light. They may tell you to do “bad” things or lead you astray.

In my own experience, I have had entities attached to family members and to myself. Sometimes they are just close enough to your field for you to be influenced, but usually they are inside the perimeter so to speak.

For example, one close family member of mine1 went for a long time and had unexplained fits of anger. They would simply blow up out of the blue, and the logic behind the blow up would not make any sense to me. I tried desperately to find a way to figure it out, so it wouldn’t happen again, and because it hurt my feelings! After learning enough, I began to employ some of the tools mentioned in the “What Can I Do?” article and the situation changed drastically.

Another close family member was duped into thinking that Archangel Michael was there with taking care of him/her. He/She had called him after reading a Doreen Virtue book about guardian angels. Anyone who is familiar with Doreen Virtue knows that her books are very love and lighty, but what actually happened was that he/she did not take precautions and called up something that they later could not get rid of. This entity threatened their family, threatened the person themselves, and even asked for their car! I was able to rid them of this entity, but then another took its place. However, months after I am sure that the entities are gone for sure, the damage remains as this family member became so frightened that they conjure up the harassing voices in their head still. Being sensitive, I know this is what is going on, and my heart goes out to them because fear is a very, very powerful weapon that this person does not know how to deal with.

A physical body example is a friend who had an entity for years that caused much physical pain and debilitation. In the end, when the entity realized that it would be forced out or zapped into oblivion, it took drastic action and created a blood clot that was very serious. It would rather have killed the host if it couldn’t control the host or if it had to leave.

As for myself, I have had the unexplainable anger, the fatigue at inopportune times, foggy brain, and right now I have an implant in my sinus cavity just behind the eyes. I believe it to be on the left side, and I am very close to expelling it, but it’s caused me horrible sinus pain over the past year. It’s the sort of pain that puts me in bed and prohibits me from fulfilling my mission. You can see the pattern!

In the end, your symptoms may be ascension symptoms, symptoms of your higher self or soul merge, or you could just have been “bitten” instead of fully invaded. Being bitten will also make you sick – feels like the flu. The most important thing is to have the information, but then check it with your guides and if you’re not sure you got it right, check it again or have someone else do it. And if you’re like my friend who had the serious medical problem, don’t hesitate to see a doctor. I’m not a fan of western medicine, but I also can’t fix a blood clot or a broken arm. You get the picture.


Anna i’elle & KEM

1 Since I did not ask permission to write about them, these family members will remain anonymous.

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