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Originally published on Thursday, 11 January 2007 

Updated on 05 November 2009

You are undoubtedly wondering what Renegades are all about. Just the name sounds outlandish! Well, I have had the unique opportunity to see Renegades first hand in my life and the life of my family, and it’s my honor to be able to tell you exactly what they are, who they are, what they are capable of, and anything else that I can think of about them.

What is a Renegade?

Since Renegades are just a category of entity, let’s start with defining what an entity is. An entity is simply an independent, self-contained, separate existence (according to Webster’s). It is a being, whether incarnate or disincarnate. An entity attachment, then, is one who is a parasite to another being in some way. This could be the simple sucking of life force (chi) all the way to possession.

Sometimes the entity attachment is by soul agreement. This may sound odd to those of you who are not familiar with soul contracts, but sometimes two souls agree to assist each other with soul growth. Attachments may be part of such agreements, where the entity hangs around until the other soul gets and understands the growth lesson they have selected for this lifestream. Then the entity leaves because it must honor the freewill agreement.

However, sometimes there is no freewill involved in the situation. These entities are what we call Renegades. Renegade is defined by Webster’s as one who rejects lawful or conventional behavior. In this case, we are referring to lawful behavior – cosmic law that is, for freewill is mandated by cosmic law for this universe. The abundance of or lack of freewill is for another discussion, but for this discussion understand that when a Renegade takes possession of your being there is no freewill involved.

There certainly are cases of Renegade attachment where they are more like a parasite, lurking but not taking an active role in your life or personality. Sometimes, though, a full fledged possession is involved. Going back to Webster’s definition of entity attachment, it states domination by something (as an evil spirit, a passion, or an idea) OR a psychological state in which an individual’s normal personality is replaced by another. The worst case scenario would obviously be something along the lines of The Exorcist, while someone may just notice that they seem to change personality from meek to angry, etc.

Who Are the Renegades, and Where Do They Come From?

Renegades come from every “walk of life” so to speak. Some do not have corporeal bodies, some do in another time/space. Some are loners, some are parts of actual groups.

Most Renegades entered this time/space due to rips in the etheric (portals) created by the experiments with time travel and the nuclear explosions of the 1930’s – 1950’s. Some are still trying to get in now. My first monad, Kareana1, noted that some are just misguided young beings who want to be adventurous and don’t realize the consequences. Much like rebellious teens who get into the dark arts, or even cast love spells on someone for instance. Still, she says that all must either cease and desist or be held accountable.

According to Saint Germaine, there are approximately 850,000 Renegades in this time/space. Some came in legally, some illegally, but once they begin the violations they are marked as “wanted.” All is recorded in the ethereal, and those of us who are responsible for restoring freewill find them easily.

In the summer of 2006 all Renegades were given a dispensation on the condition that they leave this time/space and only return with a valid “VISA” through legal portals. Most did not leave. Some that did, came back in legally but began their unlawful behavior again. After the date given to them, the Wingmaker bounty hunters began eradicating them. This means that once we “zap” them, their molecules are “recycled” back to source and they cease to be an entity. This may sound harsh, but consider the cruelty they subject others to and the fact that they were warned and offered amnesty. All beings must face the consequences of their actions, and in this case even though they no longer exist as a separate entity their molecules are purified and sent back to the source energy. This is not painful Kareana said, but she did acknowledge that they do feel fear when their demise is imminent. For this she is sorry but it is the consequence of their actions. Let it be a warning.

This article was meant to be a summary on Renegades. As I further develop my website again, I will add more information. If you feel that Renegades have affected you or someone you know, there is help available. Email me.


Anna’ielle & KEM

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1 When moving towards completion, we integrate, or reunite with, parts of self. Kareana was the first step towards my future self on the monadic ladder. At this time I am well into merging with Kem, who is the last step according to him. While I can still detect Kareana “within me,” she is sort of like a memory.

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