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Originally published on Monday, 12 October 2009 

Serpents and Snakes are specific types of related entities that Kem says are only subtly different. They are both “snake like” but serpents are a little more aggressive and more powerful than a “regular” snake (as if they have an upgrade). Both varieties are related to the snakes of our Earth, but live in other dimensions and timelines. They are able to influence and attach to us via the etheric body.

Please note before you read farther, that some species in our universe are simply meant to be parasites. I’m sure many of you have done parasite cleanses, or perhaps had fleas or ticks on you or your pets. We can respect their place in creation without allowing them to hitch a ride on ourselves or our loved ones! Especially if they are specifically sent or programmed to do so.

Kem describes the effect of serpents and snakes on the body to me as that of a virus, with serpents being the more virulent of the two. It’s interesting also that in the Webster’s definition of the word virus, the oldest etymology has it as deriving from the Latin and Greek for venom, or poison. Modern definitions include the specification that it be another organism that is “capable of growth and multiplication only in living cells.” Finally, Webster’s says that it’s “something that poisons the mind or soul.”

Both varieties can take up residence within your etheric body, and, from this point, I will refer to them as serpents for simplicity’s sake. If you have read my article “The HU Form and Entity Attachments,” then you have read that during the time of Atlantis, genetics scientists engineered the HU form to be compatible with the serpent DNA (and some artificial intelligence modifications). While at the time it was a physical addition, the dimensional changes have left our Earth HU form devoid of the physical serpents; however, our etheric bodies are still built for cross-dimensional attachment literally at birth, when the serpents begin their journey up our spine in the pattern of the Caduceus, and later lock down our spiritual development. This is discussed in detail in the “HU Form…” article. You can have these disabled and removed via SER. I had mine removed in mid-2009 and I experienced exponential growth after a detoxification period.


This is but one way for the serpent to use our etheric bodies. Some higher vibrational HUmans have successfully disabled their total control of their “birth” serpents as I will call them, but that does not prevent others from infecting you from time to time. They are capable of laying eggs, or of simply attaching themselves to you in some form. Usually these hitchhikers can be removed fairly easily (it’s the “birth” serpents that are tougher to remove).


Additionally, if you come too close to the territory of a serpent or snake, they can also bite you. By bite, I mean etherically bite you. This is more common for healers or those who are actively removing entities of any sort, because their territory of course is the power that they exert over their host and all that comes with it. If you threaten them, they will strike. If this happens, it normally feels like a bad case of the flu and lasts for 3-5 days if untreated.


Once you get yourself “serpent free,” you can stay that way by taking some easy precautions. The easiest thing to do is to simply drink POM© with white tea (brew your own and mix, or buy the POM© brand) 3-4 times a week or as directed by your guides. The serpents do not like the smell of this on your breath and will not bother you when your defenses are down, such as when you are asleep. Also, regular SOL baths are important to keep the EM body healthy and strong.

If you are bitten in the course of your work, immediately begin several days of a POM© and Noni juice mixture. I let Kem guide me when I need this, and I suggest that you let your guides tell you how much and how often to drink it, and for what duration. You can find Noni at your local health food store. It is a bit expensive, but you should not need more than the small bottle unless you have a really bad case.

This has been a brief overview of serpents and snakes. If you have specific questions that I have not answered here, please email me.


Anna i’elle & KEM

This article may be linked to and copied provided you provide a full credit as follows: Copyright 2002 & Beyond ~ http://www.bluestarhome.netin o) �ir�Y ��X no longer fear ridding ourselves of the foreign influences that inhabit our form. The serpents can be deactivated and removed from your system by someone who knows how to do it.


There are also lighted beings who can attach to you without your permission, or with your permission but based on lies, which is out of integrity and thus against your free will. These are sometimes called “positive renegades.” They have their own agenda, but make you feel good instead of bad. I suppose some people might feed off of this energy, but, if it’s not within integrity, it’s not within free will.

“Positive” Attachments

There is a positive sort of attachment. It’s funny because in the positive sense, we don’t use the negative connotations of “entity” or “attachment.” Instead, we call it a soul merge, soul braid, walk in, etc. This is when you have a contract on some level, either conscious or unconscious, to either merge with another being (soul braid) or trade places with them entirely (walk in).

Again, Kem has given me a clear idea of how a soul braid works, since that is essentially what I have with him. The Tok’ra, again from Stargate SG1, are a race that only inhabits another body with permission. They do not dominate the personality, but instead they co-exist as one form.

Walk Ins, of course, refers to the “new” soul that inhabits the physical vehicle. One soul left, the other “walked in.” The Walk In retains the memories of the original soul via the brain and DNA, but it also brings its own knowledge and experiences. Sometimes walk ins have better early recall than others, and sometimes, a person realizes that they came into the body several months earlier. Much depends on the quality of the physical vehicle.Kem says that we have covered the basics, and we will update this article as needed.


Anna i’elle & KEM

1 The serpents (snakes) that live on Earth today are genetically related to the sentient universal race of serpents, but are of lower vibration.

This article may be linked to and copied provided you provide a full credit as follows: Copyright 2002 & Beyond ~


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    • EVE on April 25, 2016 at 4:54 am
    • Reply

    Thank you for this very interesting article. You have said that you had serpents removed via SER. What is SER?

    1. Hello Eve,

      SER is Spiritual Entity Removal. It has been awhile and I couldn’t find an article specifically on that, but I have one somewhere. You might also check out this page and see if any of that helps to explain.


    • Marie-Louise Eckert on October 15, 2016 at 3:00 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Anna i’elle & KEM. Thank you so much for explaining this. Last year I saw a snake, not physical and it bit me and what was so weird is that I actually had marks. I often find myself coming out of my body and later on after this episode time as a began doing this I was freaked out because there was a snake /slug in my etheric leg. I tried desperately to remove it. You know as if you would remove anything attached to your body. Then again later as I was moving out of the physical body a snake/slug had its fangs, piercing into my neck. I desperately tried to remove it being sore. It was a shock how fiesty it was. Although I know that Scientology technology can remove them I just cannot go back to the Church of Scientology since it has turned into a cult despite the wonderful technology it unfortunately owns the copyrights to. Could you please let me know where I can get this POM that you are talking about. I am from South Africa. And how do I get hold of this Spiritual Entity Removal Technology.

    1. Hi Marie-Louise!

      I’m sorry you are having those experiences. POM is pomegranate juice (it’s a brand name). Just get some good quality pomegranate juice and that should do the trick. Drink about 8 ounces a day for a few weeks then as you feel guided.

      I work with a really good healer and we have an alternate website that I want you to visit and see if any of the information helps you. Her name is June and she is much better equipped right now to do removals than I am. All of my events of the past few years has really crippled me. But I wanted to comment that I am glad you can see them with your waking eyes. I have many lucid dream experiences but do not see them awake. If this helps, I recently realized that fear plays a big role in how they affect you. I was bitten on the neck during a dream just a few days ago, but the thing I was shown most is that I was not afraid and I also did not wake up feeling ill or have any other side effects.

      You can contact June directly if you like at but do go read the new info she wrote up on the Chronicles website. And keep in touch! I don’t want you to go back to Scientology either, as my opinion is similar and you can do this yourself <3


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