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Mind Bending

Originally published on Saturday, 10 October 2009 

ind Bending refers to the act of “bending” someone else’s mind to a different purpose. This can either be done within integrity, equity, and balance, or not. Many have the ability naturally via their genetic makeup or outside influences. Most of us have the ability, but must learn to use it.

Negative Mind Bending – Out of Integrity, Not Equitable, Not Balanced

The negative type of mind bending is the act of bending someone to your will, against their free will. This is not within integrity, equity, or balance. Have you ever felt drawn to buy something that you didn’t want? Many salespeople and celebrities have the knack to mind bend and they use it to make a lot of money. Have you ever been crazy over a celebrity? Completely drawn to anything about them, almost obsessively? More than likely they were using their mind bending ability to cord into the public and hook you into them. Keep in mind that money is not a bad thing. The issue here is the lack of integrity and the wrong use of personal power. Additionally, the situation is not equitable or balanced if it favors one person more than the other.

There are many examples of course, but the bottom line is that the act of mind bending out of integrity coerces you into doing something that otherwise you would not do. It is not right action.

Positive Mind Bending – Within Integrity, Equitable, Balanced

The positive type of mind bending is strictly within integrity. This also means that it is fully sanctioned by the creator. How would you know what the creator prefers? It’s very simple – the intent to mind bend someone would only be to return them to integrity on an action, and return a situation to equity and balance. For instance, let’s say that your neighbor planned to sell his car and you knew that he was going to lie about the car’s condition. You could mind bend him with the intent of integrity by intending “Joe Neighbor will return to integrity and tell the truth about his car.” The wording is important but you don’t have to split hairs.

While this isn’t specifically a type of entity attachment, if you had someone who was a very powerful mind bender influencing your life, the result might be the same. Some of the protection stones mentioned in my other articles and for sale on the Crystal Avatar store will repel the mind benders. If you have questions about which stone you might need, feel free to ask or ask your guides.


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