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Ghosts and Spirits

Originally published on Thursday, 08 October 2009 

Ghosts and spirits that have passed over are their own separate category because they are clearly different, yet can wreak havoc all the same. For simplicity’s sake, I will refer to them simply as spirits for the remainder of this article. If you find that your life is disrupted by a spirit, there are some things you can do to rid yourself of the burden.

Why Are They Here?

Most of the time, spirits are hanging around either because they are confused, or because they are attached to the dwelling or something inside of the dwelling. If they are simply confused, a good communicator can usually assist them with going to the Light. They are usually most grateful for someone to walk them through to the other side.

However, if you have a spirit that is attached to something physical, it is very difficult to get them to leave! If the spirit is in your house, and they are not dark spirits, then you must decide if you can live with it. If it is attached to a piece of furniture or something else, then your best bet is to get rid of the piece so that you can find peace. A friend of mine had a friend who liked to collect old coins. But when she would get those coins out, she would notice a horrible, dark feeling come into the room. After awhile everyone realized that it was the coins, and the man who had owned that particular collection was very greedy and stayed with them after his death! There was only one option, and it was to get rid of the coins.

Often antiques come with spirits attached, so be very careful. They also come with all of the energy of those who owned them attached, and this isn’t always a good thing if you’re on a spiritual mission or path as it can interfere significantly with your progress or ability to hear your guides. The best advice is to decline even inherited antiques from your family, since you are inheriting more than just the furniture or jewelry pieces.

Sometimes, spirits will come through a vortex that opens up. After a house fire that destroyed the house next door, my mother suddenly noticed spirits who obviously lived many years ago both in and outside of her home on more than one occasion. This was frightening to her, and she would have preferred the vortex closed.

Dark spirits can be harmful, and there should be no question about getting rid of the items they are attached to for your own protection and that of your family. The old man who loved his coins only gave off a nasty feeling, but sometimes spirits can be malicious and create accidents for you. While not a ghost, there is a story about a serpent being attached to an antique chest of drawers. As soon as the store owner touched the piece he was affected and became ill. A friend who can get rid of serpents just happened to visit that store, and cleared the piece and helped the man who was ill. The point is that energy (and ghosts/spirits are energy) can linger and cause unintended consequences. Always be mindful and ask your guides!


If you have a run of the mill spirit, and it is not firmly attached to an item or dwelling, often you can get them to leave by smudging your house (inside and out) with sage. You can buy this at most metaphysical stores and it’s easy to use. There is also oil made to prevent spirits from crossing, and you can also get that at most metaphysical stores. You just dab it on your doorways and windows. In extreme cases, call in someone skilled at removal, or again, get rid of the items or move to another home. Be careful, take care, and remember that you do not have to live with the burden if you choose not to.


Anna i’elle & KEM

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