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Entity Attachments: What Can I Do?

Originally published on Thursday, 08 October 2009 
Updated on Tuesday, 01 May 2012 

Now that you’re pretty sure that you have some sort of entity plaguing you, what can you do? Well there is plenty, some of which involve lifestyle changes but are necessary to “keep yourself clean.” It’s basically a two step process which involves eradicating what you’ve got and then prevention.

Step 1: Get Rid of the Entity

The first thing you have to do is to get rid of the offending entity! Some are harder than others, and you have to know what you are dealing with. If you are new to this, or you’re just not sure, please find someone who is skilled at Spiritual Entity Removal (SER)1. Generally all entities these days fall under “spiritual entity” because they are other-dimensional. An SER expert can recognize what type of entity you have, any cords that need to be cut to others who may be manipulating you, and they can also protect themselves and get the job done with higher dimensional tools and assistance.

Please note that as a Wingmaker, I am bound to preserve your free will and must ask if I can work on you (i.e., remove the entity, cut the cords, etc.). There are times that I may be refused. I mention this because anyone who does this type of work should ask your guides and theirs prior to interfering. While it is difficult for the client when there is a “no” answer, it must be honored.

Step 2: Tools & Prevention

Step 2 involves arming yourself with the appropriate tools, and also cleaning up your lifestyle so that you don’t continuously have to clean yourself, your family, and your home of unwanted pests. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t come home and sit with your family on the couch if you had a host of leaches attached to you. But if you did, you’d certainly want the right thing to make them let go and go away!


There are multitude of tools used for different situations and different beings. I have provided you with a pretty complete overview below. They are listed in no certain order. I personally have used all of them.

Important! Many of the stones listed below must be encoded with the Shamballa 1024 symbols in order for them to work! You can accomplish this by either buying them from someone who can encode them, or begin downloading the symbols and do it yourself once you have acquired the correct ones. The symbols are free if you get them through the Shamballa1024 group, or you can obtain them here for minimal cost. The 1024 symbols are unique – no other will suffice!

SOL Baths – An integral part of the Advanced Energetics system, SOL means Sun + Oxygen + Light and assists in the crystalline DNA conversion. A SOL bath charges your EM system and keeps it at its peak with regular baths. It also “deep cleans” you and helps keep your system clear. Keep in mind that a system that works well is a system that repels.

Orgonite – Orgone devices (see Wilhelm Reich) purify the etheric energy of a space (sometimes in a 2 mile radius or more depending on the device). If you code an orgonite pyramid to yourself, it will also help repel the renegade type entities. In fact, have your entire family do this. Just take the pyramid, immerse it in water for one minute, and then hold it in your hands until you feel the encoding is complete. Then put it away and don’t let anyone else touch it! If they do, you’ll have to start over again. A great website that illustrates what it is and what it does can be found here: If you choose to make your own, ensure that you get a professional grade breathing apparatus or you will end up with ruined lungs.

Reflective “Gazing” Balls – Entities hate to see their own reflection (I don’t know why!), so if you can outfit your home with a nice gazing ball (like you’d put in the garden), it will help. I recommend the stainless steel type since they are the most reflective. You can buy small ones or large ones. Just do a Google search.Mirrors – Again, they hate the reflection so get some pretty mirrors. As an added bonus, they open up the place and your own guides may use them as portals!

Chiastolite (the “Templar” Stone) – Protects you from dark entities. Certain “hardware” upgrades are required and can be performed by your guides. You can just wear the chiastolite or put it in your pocket. Under the pillow is also useful. Pieces should have a flared at the outer edges.

Rutilated Quartz Cabochon – Protects against Mind-bending2 by dark entities. Wear this on the nape of your neck for 8 hours during the day for 14 days. You can use surgical tape to attach it. Yes, it will pull some hair out more than likely but it’s worth it! Be sure to cleanse it in purified water before the next use! Putting it next to a lighted white candle for an hour or so also helps. The Crystal Avatar store also has necklaces that you can use after you’ve done the initial 14 days, and you can purchase a dangle to hang near the nape of your neck that can be attached to any necklace. I simply call my necklace and dangle “Repel.” It sure does!

Golden Sheen Obsidian – Meditate with a cabochon of this over your 3rd eye for 2 months and you will make you immune to mind-bending, the sort that comes from powerful humans (usually Illuminati).

Rough Black Obsidian – Sucks the negative entities right out of a room, off of a couch, etc. Anytime you have any guests in your home, or even in your office, you need these to clear the space. You can find and get this cheap from Ebay. Simply purify the chunks for 24 hours by putting them on the ground in your flowerbed or yard – preferably a dirt area but not near any plants as the negative energy dump will kill them! If you live in an apartment, use an empty flower pot filled with dirt. You may place these directly on furniture, or even under the furniture, or at intervals around your home on the floor. If you’ve had guests (i.e., foreign energy) or other negativity, put them back to clear after 2 hours! And do not touch them – pick them up with a paper towel then throw it away outside of your home. That way, you don’t let the negative energy linger or touch you.

Rainbow Obsidian – This should be used only during or right after arguments, or painful past life clearing sessions. Then remove immediately to be cleared. Do not store this in your house!! This one is to be stored outside, and cleared just like the rough black obsidian. Hint: I keep my rainbow obsidian and my rough black chunks in my flower bed just outside my front door. They look like garden ornaments!

Black Magnetic Hematite – This is for more advanced use, because it’s for certain energy tweaks but it also has repelling properties. You can wear this with any color (other colors of hematite may not be worn with black clothing).

Blue Larimar – Stops the mind-bending of positive Renegades. Remember these are the ones who aren’t dark but aren’t within integrity either. You have to make an elixir with FIJI water and drink for twenty consecutive days, or until your guides tell you to stop. For now, you can find the recipe in the Crystal Avatar eBook.

Tektite – When you summon an entity in order to be rid of it, if you use a tektite wand to do so the entity goes into the wand and is processed, as opposed to you doing it. This is great for beginners who haven’t yet learned to Zap (see below). You can even use this wand on a piece of paper, or your computer screen (be sure not to scratch it!) by gliding it over the name of the person who you want to clear. Some people who use this method clear their colleagues or staff every morning before they start to work. I also found that if I used it on the Mouth of God area of my family members during those unexplainable anger outbursts, it works like a charm. I don’t tell them I’m doing it – I just walk up and point.

Dream Tektite – A more advanced tool, this protects you from entities while you are out of body during the dream state.

POM© – POM is a brand of Pomegranate juice. Serpents, snakes, and dragons specifically do not like the smell of it on your breath! It’s best used in combination with white tea. You can brew your own and mix, or buy the POM brand. Drink this several times a week until your guides give you the go ahead that you don’t need it anymore. If you do get bitten, mix POM with Noni Juice. You can find that at any health food store. You only need a little bit but it helps you get over the flu like symptoms.

Lavender Spray – Nothing clears a room like lavender spray. Mix some pure lavender, FIJI water, and an amethyst point in a spray bottle. I let Kem guide me as to which bottle to buy and how much lavender to put in. Let it sit awhile, then spray away. It’s good to clear your sheets in the morning (turn on the fan and open a window to speed the process), your rooms, and especially take it with you if you’re staying in a hotel to clear it prior to sitting or sleeping!

“Zapping” – Zapping refers to removing entities from yourself or others, sending them back to the creator. Once you build your EM energies, you should be able to start out zapping by putting your pointer fingers to each temple, squinting your eyes (so you can see better into your minds eye), and applying pressure and intent. Most people see it when they begin as exploding fireworks of some sort, often blue. That means you got it. Once you get more experienced, you will see all sorts of interesting things. The ability to zap comes with the body alchemy and preparation, and with increased ability.

Lifestyle Changes

Drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. – Any type of drugs, alcohol, or smoking will open your etheric fields to anything and everything out there. Even if you take an aspirin, you are altering your energy field so be forewarned. I admit that I am not able to go without aspirin if I have strong pain, but I am well aware of the changes I feel after taking it.

Visiting low vibrational places – When you go out into lower vibrational places, if you don’t wear protection, you come home infested and infect others. Sometimes you may have to go out, but if you can avoid places like bars where you know the vibration is low and the entity count is high, you will at least not have to clean yourself off as much. If you are a “seer,” go ahead make it a point to notice people at a bar sometime. You will see that they have all manner of entities attached to them. Additionally, if you have family members who go to these types of places, you’ll also start to notice what they bring home with them. Yuck!

Purify your body! – Start with your diet. Eat organic as much as possible and cut the chemicals both in your house and body by using better quality products. Your physical condition has a lot to do with the health of the body and the energy field around it!Alchemy – Eating the right foods, drink, etc. can in part protect you from some entities. For example, POM brand pomegranate juice with white tea will protect you from snakes and dragons. They don’t like the smell of it.

Additional Information

Hopefully this will get you started! If you have questions, please ask. I will add more information as I get it.


Anna i’elle & KEM

1 SER services are offered and currently explained in more detail here.

2 Mind Bending refers to the ability to change someone’s mind or guide them towards a desired outcome. Mind Bending is only supposed to be used in integrity, like if you know someone is using dishonest business practices you could mind bend them to go back into integrity. However, beings sometimes use it out of integrity. This includes mostly Illuminati Humans, and both positive and negative Renegade type entities.

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