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Dragons: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Originally published on Saturday, 10 October 2009 

There are different types of Dragons, just as there are different types of people. Some are “better” than others in their intentions and demeanor. They live on Earth but in other dimensions and timelines currently. They are able to traverse the dimensions and timelines, though, and they can tap into us if they wish.

Different Types of Dragons

Dragons are a specific type of Reptilian species. There are different types of dragons, and the biggest indicator of their vibration is their color.

Red is normally the color of dragons that are totally of the dark. They often use HUmans for many purposes against their will, and they will also cause harm to those humans if they are threatened. Many Illuminati have Red Dragons attached to them. They are very powerful and very dark in their energy. You may have noticed that the Chinese Dragon is often depicted Red, and has a different look about it. Generally I am drawn to dragons, and did not know until Kem explained it why I had such an aversion to the Chinese type dragon! You may notice other dragons, even in contemporary stories, that are powerful, but less than high vibrational, and red.

There is also the Yellow or Golden Dragon. Dragons who are yellow are not completely of the dark, but still of a lower vibration. It’s hard to say when these types will be of service to self, or of service to others. If you watch the current imported TV show Merlin, you’ll notice that the dragon tied up in the dungeon is a golden yellow (hard to see on NBC’s website!). He is very wise, and has the potential for much good. Still, even when helping Merlin, his underlying objective is service to self.

Blue and White Dragons are of the highest vibration (white being the higher). I was once told, and Kem agrees, that White Dragons are the highest caste represented in the Melchizedek order, and some of the wisest beings in this galaxy. You have probably seen many stories where a good and just dragon was a stunning blue, such as Saphira from the Inheritance series. My first guide that I was physically aware of, Morya, was a stunning blue dragon as well. He had raised his vibration to an almost white at the time that our soul contracts with each other ended.

I Have an Unwanted Dragon – How’d I Get It?

There is nothing to worry about if you have a higher vibrational dragon as a friend or guide. In fact, the “good” dragon stories were brought to us by those higher vibrational dragons in order to balance the tales of woe and destruction that stemmed from the lower vibrational dragons. But if you have dragons paraphernalia in your home, or you read books about dragons, be sure that you can handle whatever comes your way. Unfortunately, you cannot control what you attract and just the presence or thought can attract unwanted company. You can also end up with an unwanted dragon visitor if someone you have been around has one who decides to tag along. Unfortunately this is something that is hard to avoid if the dragon desires it (or any other entity in the etheric).

You don’t really have to even go out looking, as they can come to you. But you can be vigilant about being

in tune with your body and your surroundings, so that you can recognize when something is “off.” That way, you can either get rid of it yourself, or get someone who can.

How Do I Know if Someone Has a Dragon?

Many people who carry the red or yellow dragons, or are influenced by them, tend to smoke. It is no coincidence that they are breathing fire and smoke! They may also exhibit other signs of “breathing fire” such as very harsh speech, and even alcoholism (fire water as the Native Americans call it). If the dragon is very powerful, oftentimes they will attach to someone of the blue blood elite. In this way they imbue that person with exceptional power and charisma, and usually cause great success at the expense of others. In these cases, the persons are usually upset to find that someone has removed their dragon and thus their exceptional luck, power, and privilege.

Other articles I have written detail what you can do to keep yourself entity free. However, please remember that if you are having issues with lower vibrational dragons, do not keep any dragon statues, jewelry, books, etc. in your home! Get rid of it and you will find that a lot of your issues go away or are at least drastically reduced.


Anna i’elle & KEM

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