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Earth Spirits

This is a copy of an article that I wrote many years ago for Jay at I had been looking for it and found it posted on another site I have an account on. It appears that is no longer functional. If anyone knows what happened to it let me know. I probably need to update this, but here it is in it’s original form. Enjoy!


The term “Earth Spirit” is one way to describe the subgroup of Elementals (Nature Spirits) that are connected to the element Earth (as in the four elements). While their ranks are many, some of the more well known Earth Spirits are Gnomes, Elves, Faeries, Leprechauns, and Pygmies. Some Devas fall into this category, as are Trees (although they are almost in a category of their own!). But what does being connected to the element Earth really mean? It means that they build and take care of all of the solid forms on this planet.

Etheric Earth Spirits – The Devas

The Devas are etheric beings, although they can present themselves as a vision to you using a comfortable image in your mind. If you go out into nature and ask to speak to the Deva for the local ants, for instance, you might see a beautiful image of an ant or something else, such as a tiny Angel. Also, you may see the Deva with your physical eyes or with your mind’s eye. Either way they are pure energy and as such are very powerful beings.

Devas have always been here and their intense and powerful energy is behind the formation of everything on this planet. They literally will the mountains to rise and crumble, the vegetation to grow, and the rocks and minerals to form. It may take millions of years for some of these things to be “built,” but the Devas do not live in our linear time and so are not bound by it. They literally “have all day” to spend and it shows in the beauty of their creation.

Corporeal Earth Spirits

Due to the frequency and dimensional fall that brought this planet back “down” into the 3rd dimension (3D), we rarely see the Earth Spirits in corporeal form today. However, before this dimensional fall there were Earth Spirits in corporeal form everywhere. They were well known by the Humans and the other species that have lived on this planet as they co-existed here together. As the frequency fell, though, they faded into the higher frequencies and are now only here in “spirit” or in energetic form, thus the description of “Earth Spirit.”

Of course, I am talking of those wonderful creatures of myth and legend such as the Gnomes, Faeries, Leprechauns, Pygmies, Elves, etc. But these Earth Spirits are not myth and legend. Some of them had physical bodies and some could take on a physical form at will. Either way, though, they are real people and simply currently “reside” in a higher octave Earth than the one that we as Humans inhabit.

To better illustrate this, a Gnome called Evan asked to speak to me during the time I was writing this article. Communicating verbally and through vivid pictures, Evan explained to me much about the purpose of the corporeal Earth Spirits both in days of old and now (linear time of course!).

Each of the species of Earth Spirit (and Elementals in general) has a specific function to perform wherever they reside in this universe. Some, like the Devas, specifically concentrate their energies to manifest matter or form. Others infuse their frequency into a geographical area, and since this frequency is connected with the general species’ function they are able to either affect change or hold the status quo.

Still, some actually physically do something related to their function if they are incarnated. As a Gnome, Evan showed me a physical workshop of sorts. It looked to have a dirt floor and many wooden tables and such sitting around. He showed me Gnomes bustling about and constructing things – too many things to focus on to tell the truth. They also kept the place pretty tidy and he wanted to make that point clear. Then Evan showed me the Gnomes in the workshop fading away into thin air. As they faded they continued to clean, and in the end the workshop was left empty, clean, and most importantly intact.

As Evan told me this, I realized that it was both literal and metaphoric in nature. The Gnomes did physically work to build things during the time on Earth that we co-existed with them. And they did fade away, almost as if into thin air (i.e., when the frequency shifted). And, amusingly, they are a tidy bunch of people!

But what Evan was also telling me is that the Gnomes did their job while they were physically here with us. They then cleaned up after themselves both physically and energetically to prepare them and us for the transition. In fact, he reiterated that all must be in order for the transition to occur in an orderly fashion. And this is important, because the Earth Spirits knew the transition was coming and they tried their best to prepare for it. Remember, their job is to build and take care of things!

Last, but not least, the empty, clean workshop represents the energetic signature that they left behind to remind us of them and the vortexes through which their energy assists our 3D Earth. These “workshops” also hold the space for the time when the frequency rises and we co-exist again. Since they simply exist in another frequency and dimension, it will be like they have never “left!”

Remember, the Earth Spirits are all around us while it might seem so to our 3D minds and eyes. Whether you are communing with a Deva in your backyard or meeting an Elf in the woods, you are sure to come away from the experience full of wonder and awe.

Nicole Canter

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