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I began my journey of awakening in around 1998 after finding the Nibiruan Council website and reading about DNA recoding. Oddly enough, I was doing a Master’s level paper on some “epic” literature that included a book called Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth. The Nibiruan Council was one of the main websites that the search engine pulled, and later I realized that it was purely destiny, as that website did not come up on subsequent searches. It had begun!

After being trained as a Galactic Counselor in 2002 and starting my first website, BlueStarServices, I left the Galactic Counselor’s group and continued to pursue emotional clearing and collecting/collapsing my soul shards into the present Earth “Me.” I had a force driving me to do this, and it encompassed me finding and bringing up some of my key past/parallel existences. Much of what I did was to complete the soul shard’s existences and merge them with my Self by removing various mind control mechanisms and replacing parts, such as my Pineal gland, that had been removed. Once this was accomplished, I was able to move “forward” into who I am and who I am becoming.

My final stop in this Earth existence, so far, appears to be here in the NOW, as I complete the connection with my monad (whole soul) from a future timeline. His name is the Wingmaker KEM, and this is occurring as with many of you in preparation for the ascension into higher dimensions. As Kem has “moved in,” the soul shard of the personality “Nicole” has morphed through alchemy with Kem into Annai’elle, or Anna for short. Confused yet?

I offer myself as service to others now and always, in the light of the creator and with Saint Germain and Michael’s guidance. Thank you for visiting my site, and thank you to those who have been patient with me over the years when I am too tired to write articles, to do work on those who ask, and when I have had to rebuild several times in 2011-2012 due to hacked code. To those I have known through the years, you are all in my heart. And to my husband and child, I love you and will always be heart connected to you.

Nicole / Anna

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