Feb 13

Musings for 2/13/2018

Before I get too busy this afternoon, I wanted to share about this Neutrogena Light Therapy mask that I have been using. I’ve had it about 1. 5 weeks and have used it all but one day. I admit I bought it for breakouts on my face – you know the ones you thought would be gone by your mid-40’s? Those. And damn…mid-40’s?

Well, so far it is doing ok. I read you have to use it 4-6 weeks for results. For a $35 mask, it’s actually pretty good from what I can determine. But that’s not what I wanted to share. It’s also working on my wrinkles! I had no idea, so obviously I am elated. I have deep forehead wrinkles that I have hated for years, and had developed a pretty deep between-the-brow furrow. The furrow wasn’t actually “wrinkled” but the skin had just arranged itself that way, like it was loose and set. I have no idea how it got stretched that way but I have been frowning more and more since 2007 when my mom’s last husband died and left her destitute. I never frowned before.

All of that is better, so I am pleased to say the least. And I wanted to tell you just like I told you about the Unicorn Sparkle nail polish, which I am still loving. I’m also waiting on the newest set of Mary Kay brushes from my good friend AKS. I currently use the “old brushes,” which she has on sale right now to get rid of inventory. **hint hint**

Also today I have been listening to a full chakra crystal bowl video on YouTube from templesounds. I left you the URL in the last sentence. These are soothing and they really do clear your energy centers. Not to scare anyone, but you know I’ve been very sad this week. Well, during the F key (heart chakra), I had a slight pain in my heart center for about 15 seconds while the energy cleansed and opened the chakra. So again, don’t be afraid and expect that if you have “activity” when clearing chakras or even feeding them good energy, it’s probably natural. If you think it isn’t, visit a doctor or ER.

So no I am not a medical professional, but I’m an intelligent, well-read adult and I do consider myself a spiritual professional. You can take that for what it’s worth but if you sue me over any advice I give, you won’t get much. I’m in debt up to my ears most weeks. Well, you might get some bad karma but that’s on you.

Oh, back to the mask. I may buy a better one that an article recommended for $125 on Amazon. But I’ll wait on that and let you know how this one goes. You do have to re-buy the activators. That’s where Neutrogena makes their money. I’m unclear on if the more expensive one has unlimited uses.

I have a meeting in 30 minutes and I’m getting a bit of anxiety over it, so my flow is gone. It’s the good kind of anxiety – the sort I get when I’m about to be inundated with work for a little while. I thrive under that sort of stress though. It’s the negative kind that was killing me.

Blessings, peace, and #missingerin <3

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