Jan 10

Musings for 1/10/2018

This morning I managed to get the gum off of my floor mat (for anyone following that! ha ha). I haven’t stepped in gum in ages, and still don’t know exactly when I did it because it wasn’t on any of my shoes! But it got onto my car floor mat, and someone suggested Goo Gone, which I had in the garage. It worked like a charm. I’m also told that ice and peanut butter work also.

I was wondering why in the world I was telling you that, and realized that my first thought when I opened the window to type is that things are becoming UNSTUCK. I got a big nudge for that last night and am not ready to talk about what that was yet, but I got the message.

While my personal “movement” is unique to me, I find that most of us who are in the flow (or not) experience the same types either flow or root issues, again unique to our experience. If you pay attention you will see evidence of that in your own life. The key is to recognize what is going on with you and not go through your days unconscious. I mean, be present and aware of your feelings, thoughts, and what is happening around you. That’s how you begin to change things. You first become aware, then you can work on reacting and acting differently when they arise as well as working with your personal feelings.

Last night we attended a local Meetup group called Kadampa Meditation and Study. We went mostly for the meditation, but were pleased with the study (which was Buddhist based). The study topic (in a nutshell) was to set the intention, in all of your daily activities, to be the best that you can be so that you can benefit and benefit others. I paraphrased that, but you get the picture, and it’s a fabulous message. Think if you set that intention, to cook the best meal that you could to nourish yourself and your family! What a glorious and love filled meal you would cook! By the way, the link I included above goes to their Meetup group and they have two local sessions per week with different teachers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Half way through writing this, I got a call from a cherished friend and fellow seeker. It was a purposeful call, and she gave me what I needed to change my mindset and stop beating myself up. Easier said than done right? Yes, but half the battle is changing my perception and that is well on its way. Whew – on to whatever is next I hope!

At the funeral service yesterday, one of the people who spoke said that the best that we can do is to put an emphasis on living a quality life until we see our friend again. Or our child, our parent, our brother, etc. That is my intention and I wish for it to benefit all of you also.

Love, peace, and blessings <3 #missingerin


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