Dec 31

Adios 2017

2017 hasn’t been a great year has it? There have been a lot of trials and tribulations. I suspect that some of that valuable lesson-type material will continue into 2018, but it feels lighter already. I won’t be sad to see 2017 go.

Many of us have been stuck and by stuck, I just mean whatever we are experiencing is stagnant. Many that I know are stuck in stagnant jobs that we no longer enjoy or that are no longer fulfilling, but there aren’t any options that are “better” out there for us to move to. I would say that many are stuck in stagnant relationships, but I’ve seen many of those end. Those that didn’t end have faced revamps that could have ended them too but didn’t. I had quit doing readings years ago, and decided this year to start doing them again. But guess what? I don’t have any clients lol! I’m not saying that as a complaint. It’s a personal acknowledgement about being stagnant in some area. You want to move forward but just can’t for whatever reason. Maybe it’s not divine timing yet.

The messages that myself and others have been getting, loud and clear, is that we need to stop fence sitting and make a decision. That’s a broad, vague thing I know, but it really applies to everything. Tired of people having a lack of empathy? Be kind. And stop staying quiet when you see someone being mistreated. That’s just one example. I suppose taking action in your relationship, career, etc. would fit the same model. Be the change you want to see. But don’t allow nonsense to continue either.

I just wrote about being authentic and have been examining that in a huge way. I was surprised by the huge amount of fear that I felt over “exposing myself.” Like I haven’t previously been exposed! And me, I’m the one you can’t blackmail anyway. I would tell something on myself before I’d let you hold it over me. This is an old, deep fear. I think it came up after reading Witch by Lisa Lister. She talked about the fear that women carry as a collective due to so many of us being burned at the stake for hundreds of years. That was in retaliation for disobeying the patriarchy and such, and for standing in our power. And that is a hugely simplified synopsis but my post here isn’t about that book, just what I am feeling. And what I’m feeling is surprise, and embarrassment, and a whole lot of stuff in regards to being authentically me (and all that it means to be so). It’s leaving me scratching my head and internally screaming WTF, but at the same time I know I have to feel it and follow it to wherever it’s going. I’m safe and it’s ok to revisit this…again.

By the way, if you don’t know Lisa Lister‘s work, I highly recommend. She’s the best sort of feminist out there and I absolutely love her. She made me think about what it means to be female, and that’s a big thing after a lifetime of celebrating my more masculine traits in the old “man’s world.”

On that note, I think 2018 is the year that we walk as equals, celebrating the divine masculine and feminine. We are taking our place in a different way in this world and thus changing it. In 2017 I realized how much women tear each other down rather than build each other up. As women, we take all sorts of abuse, chalk it up as life, then suck it up and keep going. But it’s time that we acknowledge that this isn’t a workable paradigm. In fact, the entire Power Over paradigm is coming to a close. You can see it chipping away in larger and larger chunks every time the shell cracks. The #MeToo movement was huge this year, and so was the recent senate election here in Alabama. This isn’t about male/female, politics or political parties. It’s about humans and how we are and how we treat each other. It’s about kindness and love, empathy and compassion. Kindness and love, empathy and compassion. Rinse and repeat until you get it, then pass it on.

My flow is gone but I want to take a minute to remind everyone that tomorrow is Shaun’s birthday. Feel free to wish him a Happy 47th if he’s on your FaceBook or  you have his phone number, or here of course. Many of you know that we no longer celebrate them, but maybe it might be uplifting for him to know people care. I know it lifts me up – YOU lift me up by caring. Thank you for that.

Still #missingerin and so many others. I am really missing my Aunt Shirley right now, and so want to include her in my closing thoughts. I know she’s hovering around here because I keep feeling her so strongly.

Blessings and love to you <3


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