Nov 12

Musings for 11/12/2017

I have a lot of changes going on inside of me and don’t know where to start, but I feel like I want to try and quantify it in some way so here I am.

I just published an article, the first I’ve written in a very long time. It probably wasn’t my best work and the subject matter was a little tricky to pin down, but I was pleased with it. And I think it’s important stuff. During some of my recent soul growth it dawned on me that if I continued to approach life, for lack of a better word, through 3rd dimensional thought process then 3rd dimensional results were exactly what I was going to get in return. I guess that is fine if you are approaching driving to a destination for dinner, but for some other things it has just become problematic for those of us on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. We live in physical bodies and we are on a 3rd dimensional planet and yet think of something such as manifestation.’s not a 3D concept is it? Nope. So why would we go about it focusing only on our 3D mind processes? Not going to work, unless you already have a penchant for the quantum processes that go along with it.

I did not use that example in my article by the way. I just came up with it and while I like it, it also reminds me that I am struggling for the correct language to quantify those thoughts. I can say that it really changed my view of integrity. I’ve been struggling with that one for awhile. I guess read the article lol and hopefully I communicated clearly.

I’ve also been getting some very strong dream state messages which unfortunately leave me upset as I wake up. I know they are specific messages and I need to decode them, but the dream state situations leave me waking up to more loss. And even if the loss didn’t deal with Erin, well, of course that’s the first thing my conscious mind goes to as I wake up. I feel that loss more deeply than anything else, but additional loss just adds insult to injury. I reached out to a friend, whose name popped in when I asked for guidance, and hopefully she can help me discover what I need to know. If she does, I’ll share it with you later this week.

Don’t you love the truth that is coming to light though? I know a lot of it is awful and painful, but I love that it’s coming out and people are not being trampled anymore to keep quiet. I have always been the truth teller around my house and it was never popular. I wished so many times that I could have just kept my mouth shut because speaking it created ugly consequences for me (even as recently as this year). Thankfully I have never had to come out against someone rich and powerful, though, or had my reputation smeared or career ruined as a result. So many have, and hopefully that will not be the norm anymore.

I know that sometimes people tell lies, and some of this dirty laundry is likely not true or only partially true. But that is going to happen while we as humans find a balance. Those liars are just as bad as those who have used money and influence – and sex – as violence against others, and it will come back on them. So will those who are “victim blaming” have that blow up in their faces. The age of power over others is coming to a close. Raise your glass, say hallelujah, or whatever you to do give thanks because we are witnessing a huge event for humanity as a whole!

One of the issues that I cannot objectively examine, though, is anything having to do with children being abused. Adults who use their power and influence to harm children – and yes 14 years old is a child, and so is 16 – they are the lowest of the low. So are those who protect them. I admit I cannot objectively view them and will admit that here. I have no kind words for them.

Women, children, even animals treatment and rights are in the forefront now. No more fence sitting folks! It’s a new day and even if it’s painful, we are making great progress through the shedding of fear and loving ourselves and others. I am grateful for that. <3

#missingerin and many blessings.

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