Oct 14

Musings for 10/14/2017

I have not been excited about anything, truly, in a long time. So I thought first I would share with you something I colored in from my adult coloring book. I did this a few weeks ago but just could not get excited about it at that time.

I keep reading that being creative will actually spark a creative process, which is a process of growth in some ways, within. So I got out the book and colored. And come to think of it, afterward, I managed to read 2.5 books (I haven’t read in the past year. I used to read voraciously.).  First I read Magenta Pixie’s two books (top two on the link), then I began on Dr. Suzanne Lie’s new book called Preparing for First Contact. Even after all of these years of being a seeker and such, I am learning new things.

So I’m excited that I am learning and also excited that what I’m learning explains things I had been shown but did not yet understand. For one, I now understand that I have so much trouble communicating some ideas is because I cannot yet bridge the higher concept with the dense, 3rd dimensional concept. In fact, I came up with several examples just now to provide for you but couldn’t even come up with a basic one that I could explain properly. Perhaps the best way I can put it for now is the difference between mind-sense and then adding heart-sense. Like if I make you a loan of $50 in 3D, I may want you to pay me back with interest because “that’s how things are done and it’s fair.” But when I’m using my heart, maybe I don’t care if you pay me back and joyfully accept a barter, or simply your gratitude, in return. That’s a pretty vague example but again, it’s hard to bridge this in my mind just yet.

One of the concepts that Suzanne Lie talks about is those who are Power Over and those who are Power Within. Historically I’ve heard those called Service to Self and Service to Others, respectively. A way to describe those in 3D would be “Me, me, me” and “I am uplifted when I can help uplift you.” Again, English just doesn’t seem to cover it but that’s the best I can do.

If you are wondering when they plan to land, they don’t in the 3rd dimensional Earth frequency. No one needs more dense fear or war or anything of that sort. But don’t worry, just because you don’t know that you are evolving out of a 3D consciousness doesn’t mean you aren’t. Plenty of every day people are growing and changing and don’t even know they are doing it. They may just know that they are the best Self they have ever been, or that they feel more love towards the world than they used to. Those are very good signs. And if you should ever some to a space where you do feel fear about the changes you experience, or anything else, that’s why there are people like me. We went first so that we could help you later, if you want or need us.

And so, it may sound a little weird but here goes…Missing Erin has opened the door for me to seek and learn many things. Many times I learn at night in dream time via my other selves and/or astral body. When I saw my “reunion” with Erin, it was in a higher dimensional Earth. I had retained my memories so I knew what “had happened” but I was reuniting with her higher version of self. I also recently saw my mother, who was completely healed and the best Self I had ever seen her. It was in “my house” but again, I now understand that this was in a higher frequency space. She took time to explain to me how to not be too excited when I saw or touched her, or I would wake myself up or lose her frequency (meaning she would fade out of my field of vision). She then explained how I would see her more and more until one day we would exist in the same space again. She actually took a lot of time (for a dream) to explain this, but that was the gist of it. And after reading my books lately, I now know that I’m being prepared for these times to come and when they do happen, I will understand. I also know that the “crazy” versions of her that I was seeing for about 2 years after her death were lower, astral versions of herself. She apparently finally integrated the experiences and became whole. It was so nice to see her and I should mention that all of the Earth-experienced trauma between us was healed in an instant BECAUSE I CONNECTED TO HER WITH OUR HIGHER VERSIONS OF SELF. There was no 3D Earth baggage whatsoever.

I should also mention that I asked my guides this past year “where do we go when we die?” and that instant they showed me myself waking up on a ship. Oddly enough, that’s basically what Sue Lie’s book says. I was not looking for that information. It was just there and adds to the confirmations that I have gotten over the past 3 years that the information I am receiving is correct, or at least that I have heard it correctly.

And oh, maybe most importantly this week, I listened to a lovely talk by Polona from Ascension Pioneers about embracing something versus allowing it. She noted that you do not have to embrace everything. Everything is not right for you, and she pointed out that the New Age movement sort of made that idea popular. But you can allow other ideas and things, if for no other reason than they exist. I would say that the only exceptions are that I do not allow violence in my space, although I know it exists. It’s not OK to hurt others or allow yourself to be hurt. Although in a world based on Unconditional Love that wouldn’t even be an issue. Our 3D Earth is not such a place, and so we still have to teach and advise in 3D terms so that people understand to take care of themselves.

There are so many thoughts coming in and out and honestly there’s no focus, so I’m ending this here. I also want to mention though that my baby Nicholas visited me in dreamtime this week for a very short moment. I haven’t seen him in a very long time. He was larger, and furrier, but otherwise the same. I told someone in the room with me that I had him since I was 12 years old and only when they pointed out that was impossible did my 3D mind kick in and re-invent him as another cat. So you see the difference between the 3D mind and the higher mind. I knew him but allowed myself to not believe. It was a good lesson.

Much love and #missingerin <3




    • MTZ on October 14, 2017 at 7:20 pm
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    I wish you were not allergic to Cats and I hope the wildfires in California stop now
    Sue is in California so is June. damage unbelievable by wild fires burning many acres of hemp and grape farms destroying everything in its path of destruction……. which you is dominant and stays above the fray ? Paradise Command awaits ,,,,,and it is there where you will find here in service…..with a smile on her pretty face …..NiburianCouncil monitoring what is going on……..3 d matrix no longer attached to Gaia…….who is going to ascend rapturing in to 5th dimension…..another Planet takes our old 3d matrix,,,,,,and we go to higher places without it.

    1. Oh Mark, how on earth did you ever think I am allergic to cats? I cannot live without a cat in my life and haven’t in many years lol.

      Or maybe you meant something else in which case you will have to spell it out. Anyway, yeah I am really having a period of clarity and I credit the First Contact book as helping to bring that about. She explains things in a way that i have used to trigger and bring myself to next level thinking/feeling. I grok it. Anyway, I am glad you had a nice cruise. Hope you guys had fun.

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