Aug 25

Musings for 8/25/2017

Many of you are worried about yourself, friends, or family in the south Texas area where Harvey is destined to land. From a 3D human perspective that is completely normal and probably borne out of great love. I’m so thankful that you have those that you love and thus worry about! But please, let me offer you a different perspective on this and other natural disasters.

Let me also be clear that I’m not talking about man-made nature events that might be the result of HAARP, or other weather modification techniques here. I don’t feel like Harvey is anything unnatural, and my feeling is bolstered by this image of where the waters will affect land.

That’s smack along the coast where the oil refineries are! It’s polluted, and also encompasses a great deal of the area affected by the BP oil spill several years ago. The Gulf has suffered in multiple ways because of that alone, and the daily pollution and processing of oil doesn’t help things. I sense a deep cleansing, and it feels appropriate.

But hey, no one wants loss of life or additional hardship. Please, if you are in the danger zone please leave and go somewhere safe. I’m not afraid of death, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to chug some Draino and not expect to die. Use your hearts and minds to find a safe place and then be on board with the highest outcome if you can muster that.

Speaking of highest outcome…how do you know thatย  destruction isn’t the highest outcome? I had some deep thought about that idea just the other day. People are so fearful and they assume anything considered “bad” is not the highest outcome. Maybe all of the meditation and “intervention” that we do to hold off these things just prolong them, throwing a wrench in the cosmic system. Or maybe we have no influence over them at all, but delay our own advancement by staying wrapped up in judgment and fear. Just food for thought.

Water is both a natural way of cleansing for our planet and also represents it energetically. Large amounts of water represent the collective unconscious, the emotional sea that we are all a part of. Did our collective unconscious decide it was time for a cleanse? Maybe. I like to consider all sorts of ideas and then see how it plays out.

I was also going to mention Sekhmet and Kali, but then water isn’t typically associated with either of them. It has long been known that “destruction” is needed to make way for “creation.”ย  One door closes and another opens. Our Human selves don’t like it, but sometimes it is indeed necessary.

I think that all of us spiritual warriors need to put our faith in the process, and then be there to help when the process has completed. In the meantime, use your Human knowledge and wisdom to get out of harm’s way. And for heaven’s sake, stand in awe of the process and the wonder of nature. I know we forget to do that a lot of times <3

It seems like there was more but that’s the end of my flow. Peace and blessings! #missingerin <3

Update 8/31/2017: Annandi Astrology Blog posted this, almost exactly what I was saying but more detail! Enjoy!


  1. the chemtrail stuff and all of the other things that are turning this planet more and more into either deserts or jungles is more or less “reptilian terraforming” because they like their worlds like that. well, it doesn’t really matter anyway because they have already lost this one!!! I guess it will be humans enjoying the heat at the beach and in the jungles instead of them all. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. That is sometimes true Jason, but there is an entire spiritual thing going on, and our planet is sentient. She does cleanse herself sometimes!

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