Aug 24

Musings for 8/24/2017

I am still seeing and hearing about the Unity theme that was brought in by the eclipse. I had some body work done yesterday and my practitioner told a lovely story about watching the eclipse from her front yard (partial – here in HSV). She noticed a man who had been cutting a nearby yard driving and wondered “I wonder if he is going to watch the eclipse?” At that very moment he came to a screeching halt, asked if he could watch with them and borrow their glasses to watch! So they watched the rest of the eclipse with this stranger in their yard. She had also noticed the unity theme, but I really loved her story. We also laughed at how the energy must have magnified her thoughts so that this man could hear her! LOL

Another theme I have heard is change. People felt changed, or sensed change. And that is the point…it doesn’t matter if there was any tangible change. It’s all about moving into FEELING folks, and feeling change or changed, will effect change. When that’s an undercurrent in the general population, it rages like a beautiful wildfire. Sort of like that 4 of Bows from the Wildwood I drew over the weekend. They are celebrating in what looks to be the midst of a raging fire. Fire is change at it’s finest, representing the burning of passion, the burning away of the old to make for the new, and so much more. The number 4 incidentally represents where we are now…not quite in the harmony of 3 but the change has begun, and 4 is a heart number (4th chakra).

I started using a new deck I had been neglecting this past week. I was afraid I couldn’t read them but it’s surprisingly easy since I read intuitively. I pulled a Body/Mind/Spirit draw, and got Death / Father of Swords / 4 of Cups. This is the Wild Unknown deck so it’s a little abstract and different. The Death card (body)  most likely means a completion, or ending. If not, I guess I’m dying and will see you in the next life! I’m personally hoping for losing some fat, or being healthier (the end of illness). Father of Swords (mind) is a beautiful owl holding a multi-colored sword. Swords are clarity and truth, and can also symbolize ties with others as well as fairness and being analytical. Very appropriate for the Mind card. The 4 of Cups has a rat and symbolizes greed. Since this card was pulled in relation to spirit, it indicates that I am not feeling gratitude for what I already have (Progress I have made?) and simply focus on more. Which is true. I always push for more, the next rung on the ladder, never savoring what I have in this now. I made those mistakes in my prior life (life WITH Erin) and still make them. Just like the Hermit I pulled a few days ago, this tells me to stop and smell the roses. Yes they are pretty, but smelling them really brings them into your reality and brings on the gratitude.

I have to ponder these some more but like this deck. I have no idea why I haven’t been using it. I still like the Rider Waite deck but it seems so lacking depth of meaning now!

This morning I have sent pictures to the lady who is spearheading the Go for the Gold event, and I have to tell you it bummed me out. I don’t look often – I can’t. Pictures and other memories first bring a smile, then tears and my mid-body then sinks way down low. Heart chakra and solar plexus / love and power. Neither of which saved her mind you, which I suppose leaves me consistently disillusioned in at least a small way. I would never have wanted to interfere with Erin’s soul’s plan, but I would gladly have sacrificed my own in order to spend the rest of this physical life with her.

And on that note, I’ve been pondering something that I’m not sure I can fully explain. And maybe I’ve already written about it before but don’t remember, so if so I’m sorry for being a bore. The evolution of Love on our planet has only recently come to fruition don’t you think? This whole ascension thing is all about Love, Christ Consciousness (Unconditional Love), how we feel about our fellow humans and all life, and how we relate and treat each other. I’m not saying that death didn’t affect people before, but did it to THIS DEGREE? Did they feel it this deeply? It was only in the last 100 years or so (don’t quote me) that people began with the idea of marrying for love even. I cannot imagine that their heart chakras fully functioned with the amount of not-love they endured over lifetimes, so is it possible that while we’ve suffered for eons, now we suffer on an even greater, more real level? Is that the straw that breaks the camel’s back so that we fully open to Love?

I did a 6 card draw for myself today with both decks (Wildwood and Wild Unknown) and got a pretty powerful message. If I can focus my physical and mental energy, I can move farther onto my spiritual path. I guess it’s time to smell those roses 🙂

Blessings, and #missingerin <3




  1. some eclipses are bad/sad and are gateways from an age of happiness into a darker age (see: eclipse: dragonslayer movie, 1981) like at the end of dragonslayer which heralded the “end of the age of magic” and the “dawn of the age of science”. THANKFULLY, some eclipses are the opposite and are heralding the end of something bad into a gateway of something fun and new—- this particular eclipse was the latter, thankfully. again, some are sad and some are happy but all are signature gateways into a birth of something and a death of something. always.

  2. also, see the tripple-eclipse thingy at the end of “The Dark Crystal” movie, which heralded the end of the split between the skeksis and the mystics (who both had dragon attributes, btw, and skeksis in modern dragon language means “excrement”, also(no joke here)) but at the end of the movie you recall how all the dark stuff on the castle crumbled away and left a shiny new one- this is the kind of thing im talking about. these things come and go in almost pre-planned sequences. dragons in particular (and any other magical race on this planet) have always marked the seasons and ages by such celestial events, because they keep a hawk-eye on whether one of these is going to be GOOD or BAD, as this is obviously very important!!!! to a human, an eclipse might seem like “oh, well, that was neat…. now I need to go finish my sandwhich and drive home” kind of thing. to an elder dragon the same eclipse might be reasons of raw life and death importance for the future of their clan/people for example..

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