Aug 22

Musings for 8/22/2017

Yesterday I was able to witness the total solar eclipse from Tennessee. I had no definite plans to go but ended up meeting two ladies that I adore, and with Shaun and Erin’s friend AK, our group made 5 total. 5 is a number that I equate with change, and change is just what is on the menu.

Before we can have change though, we need Unity. I noticed last week that many new age writers and such were stating that was the entire message of the eclipse. Why was this eclipse so important? Unity – it unified people all over the world. Oddly, the NASA speaker where we watched the eclipse said nearly the same thing! I take it as a good sign! It really doesn’t matter what unifies folks, I think we can agree we need more unity and less division. Right here and right now, and we got it yesterday. We also got a magical show when the sun was eclipsed by the moon. I tried to get a picture but was unsuccessful. It looked like an ebony black orb outlined by a brilliant white light. Not the yellow tinged light of the sun, but a brilliant white light. It was magical and I enjoyed the time I was able to look upon it without my eclipse glasses.

These days my insides are often too chaotic to tap into any psychic stream of anything, but last night I was able to touch that unity consciousness for a brief second and it was mesmerizing.

On a more serious note, I had pulled cards on Saturday before my outing about the angst I’ve experienced over the past week. Wow at the cards I pulled! The first question was “What is my progress as it relates to my baggage?” (remember – lots of self-criticism and doubt). The second was “Will I let this go by the time of the eclipse?” And finally, a shadow card for more understanding.

For the first question (using the Wildwood deck), I pulled The Seer which has a numerical value of 2. The Seer is sort of like the Magician in the sense that she has all of the tools she needs to accomplish whatever it is that she needs to do. I love that she is linked to the mysteries of the moon and Earth. This is all divinely feminine, and my message is that it’s time to let my power flow and creativity shine. Inner vision and intuition. With all of the self-criticism and doubt, no power was flowing and nothing was growing. The number 2 (or II) is balance in and of itself, so that’s good news.

The second card was The Green Woman with a numerical value of 3. The Green Woman is solar energy and fire, and not only am I a Leo but I had asked specifically about baggage and the eclipse (sun, moon, earth) so that’s pretty cool eh? This is about braving (and passing) her tests in order to earn the inner sovereignty that gives validity to the gifts of the Seer who comes before her. In my case it’s about accepting my true nature, which encompasses many elements of what the Green Woman represents.

On Saturday morning I had just had a conversation about my troubles last week and had adamantly felt that my words and actions were that of my truth and my nature and that I would repeat them again (i.e., give birth to them again). This is very much Green Woman stuff.

The shadow card was the 4 of Bows, Celebration. In this card 4 women are celebrating around a fire. They look as if they are dancing. I must have gotten to where I was going because I was being beckoned for a time of relaxation and celebration. This card is very clear.

I admit I don’t yet feel complete but the bulk of the energy work must have been done. I felt good all day yesterday, only feeling sad and frazzled once and that is another story. I sure hope the portal to Erin is opening, because I just can’t do without her for much longer.

Love, blessings, and #missingerin <3

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