Aug 17

Musings for 8/17/2017

I pulled some tarot cards from my Wildwood deck today to ask about an issue I’m experiencing, and the first card I pulled was the Four of Vessels – Boredom. This card says “boredom” but specifically speaks about forward motion and how inaction leads to boredom. The question was about “right action” specifically, so here I go, delving into forward motion once again.

The second card was The Forest Lovers. A relationship card, it’s deeper meaning talks about balancing polarities. Now that’s interesting isn’t it? I began my spiritual journey with the Nibiruan Council many years ago, doing emotional clearing for….polarity integration (balancing polarities, or duality). This means within our selves, with others, and of course collectively. I should point out that when I began writing I knew I should write, but had no idea how to start today until I re-examined that card.

The third card was the shadow card, or the card you draw for more information. It is the Ten of Bows – Responsibility. I have also been down that road since those early days, taking responsibility for my words and actions, past and present, and also removing the burden of responsibility for that which isn’t mine to carry.

So let me begin this journey with you today by taking responsibility for my previous blog, which some didn’t like at all. I am not responsible for your feelings, but I do care, and so I want to explain why I laid out some dirty laundry that was uncomfortable to hear.

In order to heal, you’ve got to make amends. But to make amends, you have to take responsibility for the whole enchilada. It’s embarrassing, and painful, and awkward. You need to not sugarcoat it, and you need to be clear instead of dancing around it.

And that’s what I did yesterday for myself, and for my part in what those of white skin color in the South have perpetuated over time. What I did not do is to express it very lovingly. I would like to have done a better job at that, but it’s an ugly topic. How do you say “this is how it is folks” in a loving way and then rip off the band aid? Well I’m not sure, but I’m open to learning. At the very least I gave you the Cliff’s Notes version of how it was my personal experience in my immediate family.

Now I know that many of you have had the same type of experience, and that goes for those who have taken responsibility and those who haven’t. I know that our parents and grandparents did the best they knew how in many respects and for their time period, but that doesn’t make it right. So I cannot loo you in the eye and say to you “That was how it was back then” and believe that it was ok. It wasn’t ok. It’s not ok now. But what I can do is to recognize the difference in context between then and now, and then to move forward to this now because that is what is relevant.

In this now, we must do better as a people. We must make amends, take responsibility, and while doing so to do our best not to act and react in anger. I was appalled by the people kicking the statues they tore down in Virginia. It is the same hatred and extreme behavior that White Nationalists exhibit. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and anger doesn’t beget anything except anger. It’s ok to be angry, but it’s not ok to spew your anger all over the next guy. That’s where taking responsibility comes in, and venting your anger in healthy ways that don’t harm you or others.

Yeah, we’ve got an ugly and inconvenient truth, one of many in our current world. But aren’t you tired of all of this fighting and name calling? All of the hatred and bias? Aren’t you ready for the love and kindness and everything good that it brings? I know I am.

It starts with us. One smile, one kind word, and if it’s all that you can muster, not saying an unkind word. You never know what your energy will snowball into when you put it out into the world. Let it become a big, unstoppable snowball of love <3

Blessings, Love, Peace, and #missingerin <3

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  1. my card is the magician 😉 😉

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