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Musings for 8/9/2017

I would have written yesterday but I was too busy all day. I spent all of my work day at the Civic Center at a symposium I’m working this week, and then did a much needed hour of yoga when I got home. That and dinner ate up my entire evening.

I still had time for contemplation yesterday, though. Some of you who don’t follow astrology or other esoteric areas may not know that it was the 8:8 Lion’s Gate, although the energy is still pulsating through the etheric as I write this. We’ve had a really energetic month so to speak. There was a lunar eclipse on 8/7 and then the Lion’s Gate on 8/8. Here is a nice synopsis on the Lion’s Gate. This has been recognized for thousands of years as on this date Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and lines up with the Giza pyramids. I did not know it many years ago when I was given the name Blue Star Services (which I changed to Blue Star Home later), but the Blue Star is Sirius. Yes, there are many blue stars but Sirius is my blue star.

The article I linked to above talks about 8:8 being an equalizer and while that is true, this time is also about transformation. I suppose the transformation will lead to more balance and so it makes sense that the energy of 8 balances things out (equalizes). I have been striving these past few days to balance myself out (see my last blog post), and am having a hard time. I hope that the current energies help me find the doorway I can’t yet see. There’s a part of me that won’t let go of self-blame and the misery that goes with not being able to let yourself off the hook. So I will explore that more this week, but I know it’s in progress, which is a good thing.

I’m at least half-way there. I can look at past situations and see how I learned and grew, and how I am now different because of them. Even the worst things in this life brought me tremendous value in that sense. I had an epiphany about one of my past life memories I uncovered during a lengthy regression a few years ago and I realized that I have been dealing with control my entire conscious existence. In this “lifetime,” I realized how unfair controlling someone else’s destiny was, and I willingly gave it up. And in this one, I’ve constantly been trying to gain control over my own while realizing I’ve never had control to begin with. Where that one is going I have no idea, but that is also being transformed during this energetic portal.

The Lion’s Gate officially ends on 8/14, Erin’s transition day. But the energies continue through the eclipse. I’ll write more on this later. Gotta go – work calls <3

Namaste and #missingerin more than words can say.

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  1. sirius is where the cetaceans come from… dolphins and orcas in particular. over THERE, they actually have a civilization of the aquatic/half-aquatic ones. you got any particular feelings for whales of any sort, or dolphins of any sort? I sure do. i’m willing to bet that the “trappist 1” system that is 40 light years from here has some dolphins types as well, or if not, at least a lot of aquatic life!!! at -least- 3 worlds in that system have major oceanic activity going on…

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