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Musings for 7/5/2017

I began this earlier this morning but knew at the time that I didn’t know quite what my topic was. Now I do so onward and upward!

Lately I’ve been struggling with world view, my view of daily reality, and the way others view reality. It must be true that we create our own reality since so many of us see things differently (i.e., perception, which creates your reality). But at the same time, we all pretty much live in the same world with the same things going on day after day. So I won’t dare to give you the new age mumbo jumbo that you create your reality and have you think that you can magically pop out of this hell to some nearby heaven. Hey, maybe you can! That’s my aim, but as far as I know that miracle isn’t happening physically for us yet, and so we experience reality based on our attitude(s), which directly govern our actions and reactions.

I could also say that there are those of us who view the world based on Love, and those of us who view it based on Fear. But that’s not exactly correct either, since most things really are not black and white. They are a whole lot of gray, and it’s complicated. Our emotional and mental bodies probably look like a wad of different color cords in the network closet where you work, and one day when you finally decide that you want to get a handle on things, you gotta spend awhile sorting those out. You untangle one at a time and try to label them and group them accordingly, and in the end you understand where each one originates and ends, and what might break if that cable gets damaged. It’s the same with our emotional issues, and we do view the world based on our emotional issues.

Some easy examples include people who have been discriminated against might be hyper-sensitive to discrimination. They may see it everywhere. The woman who has been raped develops a fear of all men. Someone who fears or has experienced poverty might “sell you out” to someone who promises them food for their family. Here’s one for you – when I was young my mother told me that people who had dogs in their homes were nasty and that their homes stunk. I had nothing to base this on but remember being very judgmental of people who had dogs in their home. Thankfully I outgrew that issue and have had as many as 2 dogs and 2 cats at one time. I think I cleaned up pretty well, but don’t care if my house stunk. I loved them.

By the way, this was based on a fear of what other people would say/think about me if my house stunk or they thought I had a dog. The judgment of others reflects how we judge ourselves many times.

It has occurred to me today, while pondering the differences that we point out and highlight in others, that pretty much none of us are 100% one ethnic group. Have you ever done a DNA test? You will find that you have genes from a ton of groups. For instance, I am something like less than 2% West European Jew. There was a time in my lineage in which that fact alone would have been cause for keeping a secret. I think I’ll celebrate my diverse background instead.

I guess I am somewhat surprised at the direction of my train of thought today, but it probably makes more sense to remind everyone that we are all related, someway somehow. Maybe talking about the Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love is too big of a thing to start off with, eh? So just remember that we are all related. We all have something in common and what isn’t in common can be quite interesting if you take time to learn about it. We don’t need to argue about things we have no direct experience with, or things we don’t know about. In the words of an article I recently read, just don’t be an asshole. And hey, we all have one (something in common) **smile**

Blessings and love <3 #missingerin

*****I came across this wonderful interview (click here) with Sandra Walter about an hour after publishing. She talks about how things are no longer black/white or in duality anymore around 13 minutes in. Enjoy!


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