Jun 19

Musings for 6/19/2017

Nearly wrote “Mustings” and my first thought was it being musty. I sure hope my content isn’t musty around here. I bet it is. Needs to be updated. Perhaps even my stream of consciousness needs updating. Remember – there are no coincidences so pay attention to the little things!

I have been in a very transitional place lately. First, I have been doing IV therapy (Hydrogen Peroxide and then Vitamin C), as well as trying to drink less alcohol and eat the right foods. I have to heal this body and years of excess have made me have to take a break on what we would consider normal food and drink. I have also had an excess of inactivity, so I’m trying to change that (more in a bit). The IV therapy is working but it’s subtle. It might be TMI but hey, you’re here reading so here goes. I have had less candida (and thus yeast over growths of all kinds), I have been building energy, and feeling better bit by bit. I have three IVs to go before I go on a maintenance schedule, and good thing too because I am flat broke. Wish I had done this over the winter so that I could vacation this summer, but I’m a procrastinator and waited until I was in really bad shape to start it.

Maybe this fits in with me being musty? Hmmm…could be. For years I spent time on my spirit and neglected my body and mind. But here’s the deal folks: That doesn’t work. They really all work in tandem and now I am paying for the stagnation in body and mind. The good news, though, is that they are growing and healing by leaps and bounds to catch up with the spirit now that I’ve begun tending to my entire garden and not just part of it.

So what am I doing with my mind? Changing my thoughts. When a negative thought or a worry comes up, I try to flip it. For example, I’m a money stress-er and never seem to have enough of it. So I have been saying “I am grateful to have enough money to pay for what I need and what I want.” I am telling you I’m scraping by but have no idea where the money has come from to pay for this IV therapy (like $700 a month going every week and the insurance doesn’t cover it.). So far I’ve only had to charge a small portion of it and have paid it back. I am even calm writing about it now. Changing your thoughts and thus your outlook takes time but it will happen with mindful practice.

Ah, and my body…for the last few years I have started great exercise programs and then quit them when I either underperformed (out of breath, out of energy on a consistent basis) or when I didn’t even lose a literal ounce. I had no idea that my already stressed adrenal glands were even more stressed with strenuous exercise. Finally found something called Restorative Yoga, which is it’s own thing but can also include Yin, Iyengar, and I believe Hatha. It is designed to turn off the fight or flight and turn on the rest and digest. So far I have lost 5 lbs in a little over 2 weeks without exerting myself too much at all. Plus I am enjoying it and the calm I have felt. You can read about it on Google, and try it out on Gaia.com (only $10/month for yoga and more).

Oh, and after a year of knee pain I was finally guided to do something about it. I visited The Orthapaedic Center (TOC) and saw a lovely nurse practitioner, had Xrays and an MRI. My knee cap showed that it was slightly out of place, and I have thinned meniscus. I also had a visit to the chiropractor on Friday, and he adjusted my knee and it’s much better but wasn’t fixed. While I have another doctor’s appointment on Thursday, I also ordered some additional essential oils (did I tell you I can help you with Young Living oils? 🙂 ) and plan to rehab my knee naturally. Once I get it together I’ll share the mix with you. Oh, and let me not forget that I am grateful to have enough money to pay for what I need and want.

I admit I have felt and been rather detached lately but as you can see I am just below overwhelmed and have had to really watch it to make sure I am not taking on too much and ruining my flow. Now, on to some more exciting things.

I drew a tarot card to help me with the money anxiety about my knee. Did I do the right thing? Am I on the right track? was actually the question I asked. I had intended one card, and when I shuffled my Wildwood deck lo and behold one card just fell out. It was the Ace of Arrows, which is basically about clarity of purpose and breathing the breath of life into things. Related to my knee and what I am choosing to use on it, I think there are multiple ways this fits. It really supplemented the two reversed Pole Stars I received last week telling me to follow my inner wisdom and knowings 🙂 (Have I mentioned I read tarot and can for you?)

Last night Erin visited me in dream time. She showed up just as I was wondering if she was going to pop back in to this reality again. I was so happy to see her (of course), gave her a hug, and asked her if she remembered being in the other place. She said yes, a little. I asked her if she knew what I meant and she said yes she did. So more hugs.

I also happened to be somewhere with my paternal relatives and looked over and there was my Grandma (Ethel) Hunt. She died in 2004 I think at age 91. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for her and I must assume her for me since my father, her youngest child, died at age 36 and I was all she had left of him. Sadly, I understand that now and what it means. She was still wrinkly and old looking, but thinner, and sitting in a chair dressed in a very modern looking black long-sleeved shirt and matching pants (and short hair for anyone who knew her). She had this huge smile on her face and said “I guess I better give you a hug” and she got up and hugged me. Then the experience was over. I guess I got woken up.

I am continually being shown just what it means that this is an illusion, and while it seems too good to be true that we will all see each other again soon, the messages are very specific and are cementing my belief. If you had an unbreakable bond with someone, rest assured that they are just in a different place and that they are waiting on things to change just enough to be with you again. Ask your heart if that’s true, and then ignore your mind when it tells you that it’s a lie. <3

That must be all for today. I’ve lost my flow. Love, peace, blessings, and Namaste. And #missingerin until. <3

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