May 23

Musings for 5/23/2017

I laid awake a long time last night due to a pounding sinus headache and the subsequent stomach burn that resulted from a BC and two Advil. I was too tired and in pain to have anxiety or stress much, so I just pondered this and that. I was a bit surprised though at what came up, and it came up quite strongly.

There is a lot of talk in the metaphysical community about “letting go.” Let go of this, let go of that. Ditto for the grief community. “You must let your loved ones go” they say. Some even insinuate that you are “holding them back.” Really? Because the last time I checked, I wasn’t powerful enough to hold a physical human back, let alone one in spiritual form. But hey, nonetheless, we seem to be constantly guilted into letting them go.

Back to metaphysics, spirituality, etc…They tell us to let go of all attachments. I admit that for years I had no idea what that meant, truly, and could only aspire to be like a monk or something where you have no possessions and no one in your life. I suppose that would be easier for you to individually ascend, live a pious life, or whatever. Hell, you don’t have anyone that means anything to you (typically) so yeah, you’re on a fast track.

But is that really what Spirit wants for us? Seems to me that is quite selfish. Yes, we need to take time for ourselves, and we don’t need to have undue attachments to things or people. But we were meant to BE LOVE, and we were meant to ascend spiritually as a unified group. Not that the universe won’t take an individual, but it’s our loving attachment to all that is that I find is important. Don’t you?

Now let me verbalize what I told Erin in my mind and heart, and what I truly want to say. I will NEVER let you go. We are heart bonded and I love you, so why would I ever let go? I never will. Just as a mother with a physical child here would allow them to grow up and go out into the world, have friends, be an adult etc. so will I. But I will never let you go. And I want people to stop telling me to let go. I may not have control, but I have love, and never will that bond be severed.

And I want to tell you all to never let go of love. Love doesn’t control, love doesn’t bind, but it does bond and it also nourishes. Perhaps our language, which isn’t really that informative in some respects, gives us the wrong idea. I think so. So instead of focusing on letting go, focus on having it all > having Love. Love heals and makes all things possible. Nope, I’m not letting go. Never, ever.

It took me years of feeling like I never had any “me” time, of one by one, being stripped of most anyone who means something to me in my life. It took me being alone to realize that my strength is in the Love that I have for others, some whom I love dearly with a bond that cannot be broken. I will, and have, relinquished any idea that I have control, but I won’t let go of the love. And one day, that love will reunite us.

Namaste, Peace, and Blessings. <3 #missingerin <3


  1. Let go of the grief for the grief and pain that accompanies it is what is keeping you from finding her again…..She is on Terra Nova you are Earthbound….She is not coming back here…..You must go to her….and no I am not saying you must “die” for this to happen….though that would be a lot easier that is not your mission ….You are going to raise your consciousness and travel there your feet will be on 3d Earth……and your head will be in 5d Terra Nova….We ARE multidimensional …and down deep you know you can do this…..and so much more…..Love IS the answer dear Nicolle…..ask Pacal Votan who wants to help you to do so.

  2. 1307 she was a man so were you.
    The loss and grief you suffer from originates here
    We are here to transmute that energy inflicted on Earth 3d by time the lower astral field
    4d to the 5d while conscious of doing it We are multidimensional our Triune Soul
    The mental pain gone to Spirit which processes it into Light…..Erin lives here you as Nicolle don’t….as Annaielle and KHEM you do ….They will never let go of you and this is why it is assured you will……..once you let go of that which is preventing you to do so….Pacal Votan here to help you

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