Feb 16

Musings for 2/16/2017

I have forgotten where I got this from so my apologies to the artist, but isn’t it gorgeous? It embodies my vision of my journey back to source. Could be Source, could be the source (beginning) of my journey, could be a next step. Who knows. All that I know is that I woke up on the 13th knowing that we have past the point of return and that it is now that we embody our missions, or not. You can use the metaphor of wheat and chaff if you will. Hopefully I’m headed wherever this beautiful road is going <3

I want to share my dream from the night of the 12th with you. It was very dark but it’s important to share because it wasn’t just for me. It was for and about where we are going as a collective. I became aware as I was standing before a Native American warrior in a full feathered headdress. He was not combative, though, and as I became aware that I was going to kill him and use his meat for food, he seemed to also be resigned to his fate. I used his own rock and wood spear to make a hole in his neck, and laid him down as the blood drained from his now lifeless body. At this point, I put his meat in the cooker and was very careful to save his headdress. In Native symbolism, the feathers represent acts of bravery, and perhaps this brave act of bowing to fate was this warrior’s bravest act. I knew I must save the headdress, but was very disturbed when the facial skin came off with it. I was busy and so laid it aside. It was somewhat like a mask.

At this point I smelled a foul smell, and so did the people I was feeding. They were relying on me for food, but said that they could not eat the meat as it smelled spoiled. I agreed and threw it out, and then was disturbed that I had killed this man for nothing and began to feel guilty. We disposed of his body in some sort of garbage pile, and still disturbed about the facial skin, I gathered up the headdress/mask and disposed of it as well.

Right now we as a global people are befouled by what we clamor to for sustenance. That includes actual food, our entertainment, money, things, etc. We take no matter what the cost (such as life) and do not give any thought to what the consequences are (i.e., the foul meat). I woke feeling that this dream showed me that the ancient prophecies are now in play, that things have progressed to a point that those of us who know are resigned to our fate. But we are bravely resigned, knowing that those who continue to fear and act in greed and anger will not get what they thought they bargained for. I also feel that the “mask” shows us the illusion of all things. This dream was a fantastic metaphor that enriched my understanding of where we are now greatly.

What happens next may be painful, but our attitudes and reactions are what matter most. Do we continue to be greedy? Do we support people who will fill our pockets with money and food, but at the expense of others? Or do we trust that we will be taken care of and supported, and pass that kindness and love on to others?

I have been called to be a lighthouse in this lifetime. I lovingly give my light to you so that you might find understanding and refuge. I hope that you will be enriched by it, and then choose to reflect your own light so that others might have the same refuge. I’m excited about our wild ride together, as it’s what I am here for this time around. And you too, even if you don’t remember it.

And thank you to whomever my Native American guide is. I did not recognize you in the dream but I am sure that you popped in to share that important message with me. I woke up with new purpose and a knowing I haven’t had in a very long time. I know the time is now, and I am ready and willing to serve.

Much love to everyone. Peace, blessings, and Namaste <3 And #missingerin <3


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    • Zorb on February 19, 2017 at 8:19 pm
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    Wakan Tanka……..last few days I have been watching the Sun(s) go down in the western sky and becoming One with “him”. We are going to make IT…….tx for sharing your vision.

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