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Musings for 12/7/2016

Since “Bridge” doesn’t really sound good on a business card, maybe I will have some made up with “Transition Manager” on them. Not the business type of transition of course, but the personal sort (and maybe collective sort). I suppose that the more painful it is for me now, the less painful and traumatic it might be later when and if I am called to do this for my life’s work. As an empath, your pain is painful. My pain is unbearable. Right now I tend to avoid both, but seem to be going through some desensitization process.

I wish that I could tell you what my latest transition “job” is, but I can’t in order to protect privacy. I will say though that it is going to be rewarding, compassionate, and painful. And it’s the right thing to do, my duty, so I will forge on full speed ahead even if I am a crazy person inside.

But it’s still funny how things manifest in ways you never could have imagined. Even though I have been privy to some very awe inspiring things in my lifetime here, I never cease to be amazed. And that’s fantastic, because I love amazement and believe that my openness to it is a big part of why I am still here. The smallest thing can be amazing, and awe inspiring, and all sorts of wonderful things.

I also had the opportunity yesterday to explain the Christ Consciousness to someone. You have absolutely no idea how difficult it is to communicate to anyone – even someone on this path as long as me – what I have absorbed and grew into wisdom over this long period of time. How do you communicate that? And to someone who has no knowledge or little knowledge? Wow, but hey, I felt it flow out and was pleased. Any other time you could seriously ask me a simple question and the answer would be so complex in my mind that I simply can’t communicate it. Not yesterday though, and by the way that’s why I don’t write articles much anymore. I can’t organize them. Anyway, thank you to the person who asked the original question. I suspect that the gift was more for me than for you. Again, amazing how the universe works.

I also moved on to chapter 7 of the Christine Day material that I’m reading and doing audio meditations with. It was profitable and I had some energetic boons out of that. I love her book called Pleiadian Initiations of Light. She’s just one of those people you want to go and hug because her energy is so lovely. If you are doing inner work or want to unload some baggage without doing old school emotional clearing, I recommend this to you. The release is often subtle but powerful.

Today seems to be a new day, and 4 days before Erin’s birthday. I almost said 5. She was supposed to be a 12/12 baby but came a day early and changed her entire numerology. I can see the choice points that led us from there to here, and while they don’t make me feel better, I get it. I don’t miss her any less than I did a little over 2 years and 3 birthdays ago. In fact it F’ing sucks to be bluntly honest. Sunday you will likely find me doing something to engage my mind and not getting out to be reminded of it, or to see the neighborhood luminaries that I hear will be out that day. UGH. I will try to post on her birthday on, but it may be the day after.

Blessings, Namaste, Nutsmaste, #missingerin and #LovingErin

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