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Musings for 11/8/2016

So we are finally here at #ElectionDay2016. I have had more than one person chide me for not using my voice, for not doing my duty, for poo pooing on those who fought for our right to vote, etc. I am still NOT voting. I am registered to vote but I choose not to.

Not that I have to explain myself, but I want to. I have long known that I am a system buster. People in the metaphysical arena will understand that but some won’t, so basically a system buster is someone who has a purpose to inject new thought, new ideas, stir the pot, etc. to “bust up” an entrenched system. There are probably millions of us alive on the planet. Those of you who know me know that I’m often a Devil’s Advocate, and I may step in and stir the pot and back off just to see the ingredients erupt and reform. I don’t actually like doing that most of the time. I do it because of some inner nudge that I can’t ignore, as if it’s encoded into me. Then my part is done, hence why I back away.

I really don’t like the conflict and only engage when that inner nudge is so strong that I can’t help myself. It’s part of who I am – Nicole Canter, System Buster Extraordinaire. I have many business cards with various roles attached to them! hehe

But back to why I am not voting. Those who fought for the right to vote, they were system busters too in their own way. Those who founded our country, then those who were not landowning white males who fought for theirs, and later people of color and females. Each of them busted up an entrenched system that did not serve the people anymore (remember the other day I wrote about We the People? **smile**). But hey, our system no longer serves the people either. For many reasons this is so. It’s past the point of fixing, and no I don’t claim to have a solution. And disclaimer: I absolutely do not condone violence of any kind unless you are clearly defending life and limb.

Still, I admit that I didn’t have much more to even offer myself when I asked me why aren’t you voting, other than “the system if broken.” Well so what – what does that mean for me? I then realized that we each live in a microcosm of the macrocosm. If the system at large is broken, so is my system. And in a somewhat new method for me, I decided to remove myself from the system by not voting. And that, my friends, is liberty. For me anyway, today, this election. If it is not for you then so be it. I still pay my taxes, I’m a law abiding citizen, and I uphold the tenets of national security as per requirements of citizenship.

All of that said, many of our heavenly and galactic family have been predicting a Donald Trump win for months now. Christine Preston is one of the most vocal channels of this, and I invite you to review her work and see her accuracy as I’m pretty sure he will win myself. I really had a hard time understanding this at first because I do not care for him or his character. However, I saw him take on the establishment and he is winning (System Buster!). He is a catalyst for change. I am not voting, but I am excited to see where this takes us. It feels like a “make or break” situation for the entire world. Making logical sense isn’t so important when you feel it with your heart.

And with that I will leave you to go vote or otherwise. We live in interesting times, so pay attention my friends!

Peace, Blessings, Namaste, Nutsmaste, #missingerin and #LovingErin <3


  1. am with you here too, you. this dying, stale matrix isn’t going to get any better from a political party, even a third-party party, and all the votes in this galaxy wouldn’t change a thing either. some things are fated, and this matrix is fated to be “busted” a very different way. people think someone needs to be loud and gain seas of followers in this world to make a difference, while the invisible “mentally ill” loners alone in their rooms accessing space-command data and working with exo-races and other realms are actually the ones down here making 90% of the difference, so yes, casting your political vote is slightly shy of pointless, doing some real spiritual work for the world is lifting tons. besides, being alone in your house/room/little group of friends is much safer than running out there into the world and getting a brain-concussion from some angry idiot who doesn’t like you for voting hillary or whatever. despite which candidate gets the “throne” this year (which these political bloodlines have been making it become more and more of a monarchy instead of a system of voting-democrasy) will be closely monitored 24/7 to see if they are a danger to their shadow-government illuminati overlords. if trump gets the vote and steps too far out of line, it will simply be another JFK scenario and a lot of “gee, we don’t know how this really happened!” crap. more conspiracies to keep the people guessing. hillary is more “in line” with what the illuminati want, because the clintons and bushes and so fourth have been around the whitehouse scene for 20~ years now?? so they all know the reptile rules very very well and what they can and cannot do. trump is a semi-newbie who doesn’t know what he is truely up against, and if he is elected he is going to really find out the hard way. we will see how many shades of pale his face becomes after he gets elected and a massive difference in attitude, unless he remains to be kamakazi inspite of his invisible threats and overlords- and in that case, again, they can just “JFK” him off the scene if he becomes too dangerous for their liking.

    either way the cookie crumbles, the only thing thats really going to alter this system is raw fate, and the people here fated to help alter it- and thankfully we have both. the job is basically already done, now we just need to sit back, share with each other, and watch the fireworks.

    it is going to be very fun to watch the dark shadow government to have their arms and shoulders forced to disclose such things as UFO’s and dead cryptozoological creatures (bigfoot, mermaids, dragons, etc.) 😉

    1. Let’s hope disclosure happens soon! Full truthful disclosure. Period.

  2. AMEN TO THAT. 😉

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