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Musings for 11/3/2016

vWelcome to the revolution. In case you have not noticed, that’s basically what we are experiencing on multiple levels of existence both physical and non-physical. People are angry about the status quo, ideas are changing, and our leadership is about to change in a huge way regardless of who is elected. If this revolution either peaks, or starts in earnest, on 11/8/2016, the numerology for that day is a 1. And the only way to look at 1 is unity and new beginnings. I admit, I was surprised when I added it up (1+1+8+2+0+1+6=19=1(0)). And yes, it comes out the same way no matter how you add the numbers (i.e., 11+8+2016=2035=10).

I also looked up the meaning of the word revolution to see if it was actually how I am viewing it. Webster’s says:


  • : the usually violent attempt by many people to end the rule of one government and start a new one

  • : a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.

  • : the action of moving around something in a path that is similar to a circle

Now I admit, I have been worried about an eruption of violence even before I caught on to our little revolution going on here. There is a lot of hateful speech, and a lot of hateful actions. It is likely that there may in fact also be a sudden and complete change in the way people work and live very soon (for many reasons). But it’s also very probable that we have also moved full circle, grown up if you will, and made our way back to a space where we can live in peace and harmony, with different ideas and attitudes fueling our journey. We have just recently completed the Great Year, or Grand Precession, the 25,800 year circle around our central Sun (Sirius). That’s quite an accomplishment and a grand time to be alive (pun intended). So yes, we have indeed come full circle.

What really prompted me to write this today was a conversation yesterday with a friend about how to bring about change. It just flowed from me that We, the People, must embody the change before anything will change. It must be in our Hearts and in our Minds. Ideas and Feelings. When we embody change, truly embody it, then we act and react differently. We act from love and not fear or hate. The Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters are embodying that now, showing us how to persist in love and non-violence when in the face of great force and great violence. They are there “protesting” yes, but they are also the epitome of embodiment. Truly a living force of love and logic. How is it not logical to protect the water that gives us life? <3

I also had a well-meaning person tell me yesterday not to expect hate to go away, because we are products of original sin. I disagree, and I hold myself to a higher standard and you too, friend. Some man wrote that down into a book called the Bible and people fell for it. If you believe in a God, you also know that any loving parent wants their children to learn and mature into beautiful, loving beings. That’s all there is to say.

We are living in exciting times my friends, so take note of what is going on around you for this may be the most exciting time in our known history to date. No matter who wins the election, I suspect it will be a catalyst for great change. But it’s up to We the People to make the changes positive ones, and to be the people we can be proud of. Most of all, we are all in this together. The show “Last Man on Earth” may be a funny idea, but truly, none of us can make it on our own, and we were never meant to.

Peace, Love, andΒ  Blessings. #missingerin, #LovingErin, Namaste and Nutsmaste <3 <3 <3



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  1. wait until you see the veil drop and all of the dragons pop out and help the good humans fight the evil out of this world, and perhaps a lot more worlds than that!!! people won’t know what to make of it- “is it armageddon?” “are these dragons satan and the beast?” “are they here to help us, or eat us??” etc. anyway, yeah, change is on it’s way and people have nooooo idea.
    I get to see it in my lifetime, as I am only in my mid thirties! I might even get to live underground in a dragon/human cave system/colony/base because of my influence/fame/infamy as a voice, fighter, and ambassador between human and dragon…
    christ has a working set of base(s) in washington state, and if it’s more east than west it might survive the coming deluge as the west coast goes off into the water(if it does), and either way, I hope to gain access to maybe working inside that base with him, too.

  2. I suffer myself with the “dichotomy” of being a christian and yet having that unquencable side of myself that yearns for the magical, faerie, unicorn, dragon, etc. I am still trying to find out if the real christ is completely willing to help me make peace with these creatures, or if I am just having a pipe-dream and that the real christ is like the one in the bible who wants to torture them all (calling them fallen angels instead of natural dragons and faeries, etc.)- so I suffer the difficulty, for now, of sitting precariously on a fence, wondering just which side im going to fall over onto, or, is my fate to be a balancer between the two and somehow make peace between these seemingly opposing belief systems???? I don’t think I can do that much longer- I need some massive confirmations from christ and god(wherever the real one/two are) to let me know if I need to be the one to go to these bases and caves, or if i’m supposed to just fall in with the rest of the “sheep”. my heart wants the FORMER, the religion I was born under and the threats that press me down are the LATTER. how can one know?? the bible says you have to “walk by faith and not by sight” so there is no real way to know if I am supposed to work with these creatures or not unless I get a serious 4×4 upside the head from GOD, but if he never does that, then what??? quite a pickle. πŸ˜‰

  3. Jason, religion and being “Christian” has little do to with the Christ and Christ Consciousness. The message and essence of the Christ was very simple: Love. Unconditional Love. We become Christed when we reach the state of Unconditional Love, and it’s not easily describable but it is knowable. So don’t let religion or the words written by humans cloud your judgment. Love is very easy – it just is. And if you are in a state of Love, it guides all of your actions and reactions. <3 <3

  4. I agree, but I was raised in very specific, traditional hellfire and brimstone christianity. if you were never raised this way, and forced/obligated to translate the bible as one of us, you wouldn’t be able to understand so much what it is like, though I think you could fathom it. the bible has a lot of very specific statements about hell, many of them which were given by jesus himself (as far as we know) and if it wasn’t given by him then it was given by the monks who tranlated and perhaps re-wrote the scriptures. but what im trying to say, is that when you are raised under this kind of belief, it makes you afraid. terrified. terrified of death- it teaches you that the yearnings of your heart and your dreams/fantasies/desire are the OPPOSITE of what you should be doing and that following your heart will lead to death in sin (there are very specific quotes even by jesus himself in the new testament in which he says that all manner of filth come from a man’s heart (heart desires = the lustfull flesh, etc.)

    it really puts a cloud of fear over your life being raised in this stuff as a child and as far as I can tell you, I have never really been able to overcome it. it is very sad that we have to believe in a god like this sometimes. even when I try to believe in other more “enjoyable” belief systems, I simply cannot shake the fears. can you blame a kid raised from birth in this stuff for having them???

    the one thing that gives me hope/comfort that perhaps a lot of the bible is not completely true is the hope that the Ashtar Command is real, because if it is, then I know I am ground-crew and that one day soon enough I will be back with my alien soul mates and lovers, aboard the lightships and motherships and maybe even get to live inside underground or inside-mountain bases.

    the world is getting ready for alien contact- the signs are everywhere. in fact there are 2 movies out now or coming out about alien contact (the sequel to independance day) and another movie called “arrival” or something.

    anyway, if the “aliens” manage to get past the reptilian shielding and anti-spacecraft cannons they have down here (irregaurdless of the bible I DO know that this world is run mostly by dark reptile and that they DO actively crash any spaceships that try to land and help humanity out, most other ships are kept out by very powerfull shields generated for that purpose- to shield out or knock ships out of the sky and crash them so the reptiles can confiscate the ships and haul it off to go do their dirty wotk, which I don’t need to get into its nothing fun)

    if the ashtar command and good aliens manage to make it through the reptilian control down here and break down the shields and weapons designed to keep humanity isolated from extra-terrestrial help and partnership, and manage to reveal themselves to humanity despite all the massive counter-measures for this to happen (major news networks, reptilian coverups, etc) then I will finally be able to ask all of these beings what THEIR take is on god and jesus and what THEY think about being able to have human lovers and all sorts of things that the bible would call absolutely abominable (homosexuality among them).

    this is my one major hope that soon our world will have intervention from the friendlies and then I will finally be able to find out their take on jesus and the rest of us, and old scripture books like the bible and the koran. its either a yeay or a nay and I cannot wait to find out. I believe that we wont see intervention for at LEAST another 5 years and years like this are hard to wait through.

  5. Hey again,

    Actually, I was. I was raised Church of Christ and the rest is a long story but it was very traditional and hell fire etc. So anyway, as I got older I became more knowledgeable and I relied on my inner voice to guide that knowledge, and I decided that I do not believe in God as a religious person would. I do believe in a Creator, and really like how the indigenous peoples describe it as Great Mystery. That said, the Bible is based on a mish-mash of earlier Sumerian and Babylonian works about the Anunnaki. You can do some reading to validate that and I encourage you to. I take pride that I know why I know/believe what I know and believe. My knowledge grows into wisdom and I update my beliefs on a daily basis. I keep learning. I encourage everyone to do so.

    You have to ask your heart what feels right. Then use your mind to know why if you need to bolster it.

    If you are interested, go read a book called When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone. It was one of the staples that helped me to sort out where Judaism came from as well as the Brahmans and some others. Excellent book.

    You don’t need aliens to answer questions for you. Answer them with your heart and mind in union. Work on releasing the fear of being wrong. Listen to love.

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. I absolutely love the great spirit (wakan-tanka); ive had 2 lakota sweats, both with the intake of a real chanupa (lol) and handling the “grandfather stones” etc etc. I have done a LOT of metaphysical reading, including most of neale donald walsch’s works, and the “law of attraction” and 120 other titles it would take me hours to recall. the one thing that I can say for certain, more than any other, are the annunaki things I have encountered in person over the years. I have been deeply accessed by them and went through a period of mental breakdown which lead me to a diagnosis of “schziophrenia” when I was 19 years old. the truth is it was annunaki who managed to access a very deep sensetive part of me and break her down. I dont know how much you know about what the annunaki/lizards do with sex and mind control but its enough to give freddy krugar serious nightmares. you— would be a very very close friend I would love to sit and shoot the breeze with you. I have much to talk about and maybe some similiar stories.

      as my hard solid belief in metaphysics gave way to terror and a mental break, I started reaching more for the bible and church as a source of respite to help me deal with these little green annunaki suckers. there is SOME respite here, but I do agree that the old testament is sure fishy when it comes to their fire-offering sacrifices and what I do know about the annunaki and tiamat (actually she was called mummu-mummu tia-mu once, it is where we get the word mother from (muh-thur, or mummy(mom)) tiamat was the great “mother” at one time in peoples systems of belief. I know her now simply as a gigantic brown dragon with dozens of horns and 3 pairs of wings. I know what she looks like- we have spoken and interacted.

      it would be interesting to talk to you of this, as my major area of knowledge, asside from hard science astrophysics, are the dragons and the annunaki. talk of them gets me excited because I have a lot of information to share about them that could prevent a lot of trouble for people.

      my second major area of interest are dragons in general. this is why I had such a time with christianity as the book calls most, if not all, of them as something of pure evil. the bible doesn’t speak about the ancient wars between human and dragon (see: maleficent movie) and how the peace between human and dragon was before the great war. would be fun to talk to you back and fourth of this. maybe facebook sometime?? I do need to gather more clues as to how the annunaki may have been the “gods” or “god” of the old testament that “created man in their image” to water their garden for them or whatever.

      ps: do you know anything about the word LOOSH? I know all about this too.
      maybe we can shoot the breeze off and on on facebook??

  6. also, what do you know of “jesus’ atlantean pastlife” as a “thoth” or a “toth and the emerald tablets?? edgar cayce? the children of the law of one?? ( get their book called “the lost teachings of atlantis, by jon peniel”. it is the one book I hold onto as a possiblity of the bible being rather a mish mash as you say. get jon’s purple book if you haven’t read it already it is awesome.

    also.. have you seen the movie “What Dreams May Come” ??? one must be very careful sometimes what they believe or quantum-dynamics will start in motion to try and create it for them…… I learned this much from that movie and a lot of other experiences. the way reality moves in lucid dreams I became quite good at, but I still had my defeats out there. in this THICK version of lucid dreaming (waking reality) a powerful mind and powerful belief can trigger the same laws into motion. for most people it already is, the laws are just slow because it is THICK here (collective belief/people/consciousnesses make it that way).

    it can be very scary when you get stuck in a THICK trap and can’t lucid-push it out of the way… you can, unfortunately, get very stuck in your own bed and have to lie in it. I got very heavy into some heavy knowings of this sort and a lot of it haunts me to this day. the good side, at least, are my hopes and the fact that we can mold this thick level even to get it to give us more what we want and less of what we dont!!

  7. Hi again πŸ™‚

    I am envious of your participation in the sweat lodges. My husband and I have always wanted to do that and still hope to some day. I am sure if/when the time is right we will have the opportunity. And yes, I’ve read much of that stuff. I am an avid reader and began my journey down this path over 15 years ago. I think I’ve jam packed a lot of it in πŸ™‚

    Oddly I just started reading the Law of One. I suspect I’m familiar with a lot of it, but otherwise Thoth has been one of my guides and friends for I assume eons. I agree that this place is heavy and thick. I’ve been looking for a way out of the matrix for years. But, I also know that I am here to break it (like a system buster). I am just very tired, and losing my daughter nearly broke me. There are many days now I’m ready to just take my toys and go home, but then I get a second wind…for awhile.

    One of the most consistent messages that I have been given Jason is that the vibration of joy is what is needed to “ring the bell” and break the chains of 3D. I have heard for several years now “Make a joyful noise” and that people got that message wrong. The noise is sound – vibration – frequency. And the noise is joy. With all of the suffering here, that’s quite a feat. We have to first believe it is possible. I admit I don’t even now on some days. But then I think that’s part of the method to the madness I now live, I had to be in the same situation or worse that humanity is in. I have memories of needing to know what “they” experience. Now for me it’s what WE experience. So anyway, I think I’ve gotten off topic but feel free to write me on any of those subjects you mentioned. I do have knowledge, some of it piece meal but it’s whatever I need(ed) to know at a given time.


    1. I think we have more to share with each other and have in common than previously thought! I am also an indigo system buster- I was born in 1980 and our “wave” of indigos started roughly around 1976, it was from about 1976 to 1990~ when a big soul group of “my kind” came in. there were surely ones that came in sooner, older indigos who would be there to help us indigo “kids” by providing wisdom, healing and guidance/help of all kinds. I met my first healer-teacher when I was 18~ish and she was about 67 or 68. a lot of my friends were older women between ages of 55 and 70, all healers and spiritual teacher types.

      as far as this matrix, yeah, there is sooo much to talk about. a lot of us thought we could “crack it” and make it “go away” but these days I think its more a matter of simply making it nice. fixing it up. there is no point in completely trashing “3d” when you can make it reeeeally really fun. the thing we need to “crack” are the dark controllers right now who are making it very NOT FUN. we need to crack THEM, in the fricking HEAD (lol) and make them run away screaming. once they are gone we can really amplify the energies of joy and positivity to keep them out. for now, yeah, you need a strong shield of joy to get through their jungle of negativity down here, as you will find that there is very little in their plans for joy down here and the only way to find the massive quantities we really really want is to look -inside- and well it up from there. you have to “fake it till you make it” and see the joy wherever you can see it, “pretend” it is there… for me, I see it in the trees plants bushes and stones and nature, crystals, dragon and wizard and unicorn figurines, dragon shirts, posters, collected images, ( and other things that instill a sense of hope for the future.

      I remember deep deep down the age that was ages ago when humans and dragons co-existed together in symbiotic harmony in a golden age of wonder- I guess things had to get worse in order for our collective consciousness to learn the difference over the ages as an experience of contrast. we had our fill of the light, and needed to learn what it was like to have our fill of the darkness. but this is sad. I want the days to return where dragons don’t have to be angry man-eaters hiding underground in stinking darkness because of what humans have done to them over the ages as we have grown further and further apart from each other.
      many people don’t know this, not even most lightworkers, but it was dragons who created this universe, this matrix, and this world (earth). cellestial-dragon angels are experts at universe(they call them realms) creation, and spinning galaxies into being, using their massive power love and wisdom to hold entire realms and galaxies together, spinning in harmony. a lot of anti-reptile types that spit at dragons wouldn’t have ground to stand on if it wasn’t for my people (eternal dragons) and what they created here all those ages ago. keep in mind that annunaki/dark reptile here are very very different than dragon/dragon-angel, and they were a creation of dragonkind and some things went very very bad between them and dragon and dinosaur (all 3 are in quite a twister-game these days) and its a long story that I know quite well. I am a blue-white melchezidekian dragon of the violet flame, as well as a draconic member of the ashtar command and this my favorite and most passionate area of study. not a lot of people know that dragons create entire realms— and that all of the fantasy movies, cartoons and books you read are doorways into the exact realms they display or talk about, and the “forgotten realms” that such games as the dungeons and dragons talk about (toril, krynn, etc.) are just as real as THIS realm we call earth. old dragons called it gaia and even older names barely anyone else would remember.

      humans came into the scene much later in the overall timeframe of this place, and at first had wonderful peace with their dragon teachers and wisdom/creativity-mentors, and over the last hundreds of thousands of years it has degraded into this (which is actually quite recently to some dragons who have lifespans longer than this)
      …anyway, my hope in my heart is that at the end of this horrid age of kali, human and dragon (and unicorn and everyone else that people call “myths” and “lies” these days) will find it in themselves to make peace again and this entire world will start looking like disney land/world full of magic and wonder the way it used to be.

      btw: the “Law of One” that has to do with the “RA” material is not the same law of one as Jon Peniel’s book. im sure the ra material is great, but you really gotta gotta get jon’s book, it is awesome. and once you are done reading it, I can show you some neat stuff about them… πŸ˜‰

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