Sep 21

Musings for 9/21/2016

treeToday I want to write about the bounty of love and what it means to be without fear. They go hand in hand. You cannot be in the vibration of love and be fearful in any meaningful way. It sounds cliche, but Love truly conquers all, is all you need, blah blah and etc. etc.

For the past 3 days, I have been in some new vibration of … joy perhaps? Love for sure. Embodiment as well. What does this mean? I’ll explain.

I admit when I started writing this I didn’t realize I would have to look up Joy, and then vibration. Sometimes it is extremely hard to convey an idea in English (or any language for that matter). Can I just send you a telepathic vibe and you get it? It was worth a try. But I digress. I found an interesting article that not only explained vibrations and alignment and it also taught me something. I was about to write “I am afraid I have found peace.” Do you hear my limiting words there? I’m afraid…perhaps I am, because I am not completely comfortable aligning myself with peace. But let’s save that for another time and go with this article at Here is an excerpt but I urge you to take a second to read it anyway.

You have most likely heard the saying “like attracts like”.  That is exactly what energetic vibration is – what vibration we send out, we attract back into our lives.  You cannot pick up a frequency that you are not on. If you are listening to 93.1 FM you cannot pick up 108.3FM; to do that you need to tune into that station.  Your energetic vibration works the same way, if you want to feel more joy for example you need to align to that vibration.

It began with me taking responsibility. I had to take responsibility for my feelings and my actions, and be present. Wow that was hard. It was so much easier at times to just say F-it and zone out or do whatever I wanted with no care for the consequences. Not only did that leave me in a spot where I was not rising above the grief I deal with, it also meant that I was creating new situations that came with negative emotions. I think I went an entire year where I was wavering between “This isn’t who I am or want to be” and “Who cares, what’s the use anyway.” So I became responsible for my actions and reactions, stay present, and deal with things in the moment. So far so good.

Last Saturday evening I was at a bar watching football. There were two guys who were probably the rudest, most obnoxious humans I’ve been around in awhile. They were so bad I found myself wanting to go rip them a new one and I found them hard to ignore. At some point though, I remembered that they needed more love not less. I mentally told them I love you, and may you be blessed. Looking back they seemed to have calmed down a bit and finally left. But either way I felt better and was back in the vibration of love. I find myself there most of the time lately, and it’s a good “clean” feeling. That was the word that wanted to be written, so let’s go with clean!

This has all fostered a state of embodiment, where my higher mind isn’t so much higher anymore. I don’t have to reach so far to commune with my soul essence. I have ascended some and it has descended some more. Perhaps a good common usage word is simply a state of enlightenment. I certainly feel enlightened (and wish I was actually lighter! LOL). At any rate, I feel completely different about my environment, the world, you, and everything.

In this state, I have no real fears. There is no doom and gloom, only information to be processed. I do fall back down into grief, and sadness, but I love myself for it because it’s because I love and miss my daughter. Now that I know what this higher vibration feels like, it is fairly easy to rise back up to it quickly.

Now I know why I wrote the word clean. I told a friend earlier today that if the world ended tomorrow, I feel like my heart is clean and no harm will come to me. No real harm. Whatever comes next, I’m ready.

That’s it for today. Love, Namaste, Peace, Nutsmaste, #missingerin and #LovingErin <3 < 3

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