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Musings for 9/7/2016

Ah, September we made it! Ha ha! But seriously, at least for me September feels so much different than August. Even though we are in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, and the sun has been spewing protons and electrons at us for days, and this and that, my September has really been fabulous so far. Granted my standards for that are lowered after the last few years but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

I have known for years that how we perceive things is how we experience them. For instance, I can choose to perceive you as a jerk and allow myself to react with anger, or I can perceive you any number of other ways and choose to react differently. And I use that example because it certainly will create my reality, or what I experience next in our interaction. I think that’s a very easy example to sink our teeth into. With that said, I tried for years to really “get” that concept and it was elusive to me. Part of my problem is that I was mentally there but my emotional body had not caught up. Fast forward to Erin’s illness, and I was fraught with worry but my mind was saying things are fine. I never could be at peace emotionally, or in balance, even though I craved it.

To change your reality, your thoughts, your life, you have to use both emotion and intellect. The heart is the most powerful EM field around and it drives creation in your little world. Recently, I had an experience where I was told my house was going to show. When I hung up with my realtor, I had a complete panic attack and I felt the shock wave go out. Five minutes later she called to cancel. Yes, I did that. The potential buyers felt the shock wave of my emotion and my mind could not override that. They must work in concert.

I really have no flipping idea why I am telling you all this today. As always I did not know exactly what I would write when I decided it was time to do so. Maybe it’s because I needed to share what I am learning. Even as I began to write, I realized that my idea of the vibration of joy is actually a construct in my mind. So is my idea of peace, and even strength. During Erin’s illness I desperately wanted peace, but I can see now that it was an idyllic scene from a movie or something that I was going after. What is true peace to me? What is joy? I thought joy was pure bliss. Maybe it is, or maybe it’s just being in a state of happiness even if it doesn’t feel over the top. Right now I suspect I have achieved joy, today at least. And it does not feel over the top but it does feel good…and peaceful if you can believe that.

But oh, back to creating our reality…I have been aware of Abraham’s teachings for quite some time but only recently have I really understood them. My friend Roel posted something the other day about thinking your reality into being (it was an Abraham quote). Well, I used that, along with my heart center, when I got onto my first plane on Monday and it worked beautifully. I am afraid to fly, afraid of turbulence most of all, and yet I thought a peaceful flight with nice people to sit by into being. I allowed it to manifest on both legs of my flight and was thrilled. So far my trip has been very easy going, because I set the tone and I am living the tone (vibration).

Now I realize that I have very poorly explained this whole thing, but I find that many of the things I understand now I finally understood in a way that are beyond our language capabilities. Another reason to open your hearts. The heart always understands, no matter what it is. That is important to know.

I can feel positive changes coming up in my life which will propel me into my next adventure. I wish the same for all of you.

Peace, Blessings, Namaste, Nutsmaste, and #missingerin and #LovingErin <3


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  1. law of attraction the (S)ecret, great stuff. when I use it, I always ask creator to buffer and recycle my negative thoughts, every single one of them, that way when i’m
    “doing the secret” all my negative-manifesting thoughts, even the tiny ones, get caught by him and theres nothing else that can manifest bad for me except the randomness of life (other people’s collective thoughts, good and bad) and i’m turning this train around rather quickly. I have noticed that when I dwell or obsess on something I want real bad, and keep popping it into my head when there is nothing to do, or ALLOW it to overtake my mind when it does pop in there, that this is extremely powerfull. it has been manifesting things for me, solid objects, even. most of the time when I do this with an idea I will see a tv show on it or a commercial, or some other form of synchronicity on the internet… whatever. the other day I was dwelling on how much I loved animals so much and when I took the trash out, I found no less than 2 fully framed animal pictures someone had tossed. the only thing wrong with them was the back front top was stretched- apparently these people didn’t know you can hang a picture from the metal hook-bar thing in the back (??!) or maybe they just tossed them for other reasons. well now I have a picture of a wolf and an eagle and another picture of a white heron/crane, all 3 of these animals are in my favorite animals list too.

    nicole, try the “buffering” idea from now on and ask creator to eat away anything that is actively manifesting for reasons unknown, and ask creator to amplify the positive ones even moreso…. watch things take off like a rocket after a while.

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