Aug 23

Musings for 8/23/2016

I have spent the last several days sick, and tired. I say that in amusement but seriously, so tired that I can hardly function. And of course I started feeling better by Saturday and then promptly kept plans to celebrate birthdays that evening, stayed out too late, and felt bad again on Sunday. I am still fatigued. Thankfully I go back to see the NMD on tomorrow.

So, I may not write when I feel that poorly but I still feel and think, and I went to sleep last night thinking about labels. You know, those things we use in language to divide ourselves from another person or group? To describe ourselves? Really though, how limiting is that! I realized as I was thinking about this that I cannot describe myself using labels of any sort, at least not without qualifiers. I see the world in very complex shades of gray. I don’t take anything at face value and I also don’t stereotype people. I find it very distasteful these days to see the polarizing labels people use. Democrat and Republican, liberal or conservative, black or white, etc. the list goes on. Actually, distasteful doesn’t quite cover it because usually when people use labels such as those, they are using them as an insult. As an “other” – as a “not me because my ideas are better.” I am pretty sure, though, that they don’t realize the impact of what they are throwing out there to the world when they do.

Based on what I see out there, I suppose that since I believe I should be kind and giving to others that I am a liberal. But what does that even mean? I really don’t know. I believe WE should be kind, loving, accepting, and giving to others. Be of service, not to get anything but just because. I could write you a several page essay on my views on that. Like I said – complex shades of gray. And keep in mind that my gray may not be the same shade as the dude sitting next to me who may have been lumped in with me. It’s just not that simple if you take a moment to really think about things.

We have a really troubling mentality in the world today. To get a little metaphysical on you, I learned a long time ago that Earth was supposedly an experiment in polarity. Well, I’d say we are as polarity driven as we are going to get. It’s us vs them all the time, in every thing and every idea. Hey universe – we mastered it! Now can we have some unity please? Thank you.

And actually, the entire polarity and unity things are complex as well. Are we talking about 3D unity? Or something on a higher scale? Because in the 3D you have polarized love and hate. And people don’t even understand love. Everyone thinks it’s romantic, and conditional. You act nicely and I will love you. Unconditional love by it’s very divinity breeds unity. Yes, I said divinity. It’s the Christ consciousness, that stuff Jesus the Christ was talking about 2000 years ago when he was here way before his time. He planted the seed and it’s just now growing, albeit much too slow for my taste. I guess we earthlings are very stubborn.

Other than that troubling me, obviously I had a hard week last week. Two years without the love of my life is more than any one should bear. So I have ups and downs and pick myself up and keep on going. whatever your trouble I hope you are able to do the same, in love and kindness.

Blessings, namaste, nutsmaste, #missingerin and #LovingErin <3


    • Mark on August 23, 2016 at 7:53 pm
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    Magi K
    Use IT to find more loves of your life get more metaphysical………you are more then Nicole and encompassing multi reality alternate timelines at the same time find the One where she lives…… really know you can do this……as this is “just” a hologram of deception in the real…..she lives forever no end in sight……Christ eternity

  1. DUALITY SUCKS!!! yes, universe, it’s time to bring the polarities back together, to perfectly fuse dark and light into the nirvana that is produced when it is done right. no joke. I have memories of before-this-life in which I came from such universes that had grown to that level finally. this one?? I don’t know about. I think perhaps it is only earth and a few other worlds that will get to have this kind of energy, but hopefully i’m wrong and hopefully it’s a lot more real-estate that just here!!

    1. Jason, I have deep memories of this too. I know OUR world now is not normal. It’s just not normal. It’s certainly not what many of us want. I have recently read something that said that you could learn in a universe of love and joy just as you can in one of polarity, so it’s a myth that you need suffering to learn. However they described it made perfect sense. Here’s to all of us making our way back there, wherever that is 🙂

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