Jun 22

Musings for 6/22/2016

As I typed my very bland title (LOL), I heard two song verses in my mind. The first was “Off we go, into the wild blue yonder.” The second was Tom Petty singing “Into the great wide open, under those skies of blue…” I have to say that I do not have the foggiest idea what that is about yet, and put the emphasis on foggy. I am very tired, slept 14 hours last night and am still in a daze I’m so groggy. And just in case anyone can decode all of this for me today, I typed “horus” instead of hours in the previous sentence before I corrected it, so it actually read “14 horus.” I am too pooped to consider the numerology (it’s a 5), but I did Google Horus (too pooped to pull it from memory) and oddly, the first link was to “Jesus and Horus.” Never seen that in a sentence before, but I get the link between.

Also interesting is that when Osiris (Horus’ father) was killed, he was chopped into 14 pieces. Again, too pooped to party here but it is interesting to me anyway.

That said, it occurs to me that some of this is indicative of going through the underworld and then rebirth into the light, and thus into Love. It’s a vibration, a frequency, a harmonic, and so it is entirely a different world than the one we inhabit today.

Anyway, yesterday I had lunch with an old friend who shared her journey of pain and love with me. I say pain and love because while different from my own, she has had a journey of suffering over her lifetime, and yet she reacts with Love. I am honored to be walking this path with her and I know there are more of us out there. Every time we act and react with Love, we make a difference. Love and kindness are the best weapons ever, I kid you not. 🙂

That’s all I can eek out in my foggy state. Really, I am in danger of falling asleep as I type this. Wish me luck in waking up!

Blessings, Namaste, Nutsmaste, #missingerin and #LovingErin <3


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  1. Maybe Horus is trying to talk to you, maybe he’s really a blue avian (like the ones Corey Goode talks about). =D

    1. That’s a great point Jasper! Hmmm…I had not thought about that at all but very interesting!

    • Rahiib on June 27, 2016 at 2:42 am
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    1. Hello Rahiib,

      My email is nicole@bluestarhome.net.


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