Jun 13

Musings for 6/13/2016

In my I Love You post today, I focused (as I do every day) on Love. Love is sort of is a binding agent in a way, and thus focuses on our similarities. But right now I want to talk about our differences. I could not do that in my FB post because really, I only have so many words before people quit reading, and couldn’t possibly adequately discuss it.

Why talk about our differences? Well I read a post this morning and it said something about sending out Love, but specifically said from “Believers and Christians.” Or something similar. Look, I am sure the person who posted that meant well, has their heart in the right place, etc. etc. and this isn’t a “that person is wrong” rant. Instead, reading it made me feel left out. And so I had to examine it – what’s really going on here inside of me? Why do I think this is misguided? Well here is why.

People often assume that only their religious affiliation, or their region of the country (i.e., Southern), their gender, etc. feels a certain way, has the capability to feel a certain way, is the only one that is right, etc. But you know, that’s not true and I would think that when they step back from the crowd/group mentality, most people also realize that it’s not true. Still, there is so much judgment and hate floating around the world that I think we really need to look at it and strive towards resolution. Also, keep in mind I have absolutely been guilty of these things! I grew up thinking the South was the only place worth being and still catch myself generalizing Alabama fans. I know all of you aren’t jerks, but some of you are, LOL!! Go ahead and crucify me. I am sure I have deserved it at one point and time.

We can go on thinking that only our religious affiliation is going to heaven, that only people of our skin color are nice and decent, and that everyone is out to get us. But the truth is, folks, that we have more in common than we may realize. I like to interact with people of all types, and I have been fortunate to meet and befriend people all over the world via the internet. We’re all pretty similar. We all want love, we all need to make a living, we all have families that we love and care for, blah blah etc. etc. Do you remember in the 80’s we all thought Russians were “the devil?” Well they aren’t. I’ve met some very nice ones and like them very much. And newsflash – both of our respective governments hyped up all of that stuff and little to none of it had to do with the actual people living there.

Anyway, back to my original point. I am not a Christian. If you didn’t know that, do you feel differently about me now? If you do I’m sorry but guess what? I’m the same loving, kind person that I was a few seconds ago. I do not believe in what you do, but I’m not trying to tell you not to. I have as much love to give as any Christian, or otherwise religious person who believes in a deity. OUR Love is equally good. I would like to give my Love to you and I hope that you will take it. I said earlier that Love binds – it binds our hearts in a beautiful symphony called the Christ Consciousness. And that was in fact Jesus’ message – LOVE. Over and over it was Love.

I love you even if you are black, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, christian, have a disability, and even if you have a very ugly character. Every one of you – us – need more love not less (thank you Matt Kahn!). Do you notice that in the past few years gays and lesbians have been a focus? What’s that about you say? It’s about Love. The legal right to marry, etc. who you love. I know a lot of straight people who have not found true love in this lifetime. If you find love, for heaven’s sake you should be free to embrace it! It is so rare in this world. This era is totally about Love folks, and Hate has stepped up to the plate to challenge it. Hate is saying, “So you’re serious about this Love thing? Ok, let’s see how serious you really are. I’m going to give you all that I’ve got, and if you still Love in the end, Love will triumph.”

And so, we can love the Haters too, because they are giving us the challenge of the ages. They are spurring us off the fence to choose. Do we stay separate in hate, or bind together in love? Your choice. I hope I see you in the Love celebration when this is all over, but if not, I’ll send a bouquet of Love over to your party. That’s the beauty of this – once you understand and experience Love, you are already bound to everyone and everything, All That Is. And there are no differences, no separation, no conflicts. Maybe some logistics, but we can manage that.

Peace, blessings, Love, Nutsmaste, Namaste, #missingerin and #LovingErin <3

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