Jun 11

Musings for 6/11/2016

It’s as if my fingers are on auto-pilot because I have no idea what to say today, yet here I am typing. I will try my best not to bore you.

I was talking with a few friends earlier today about what people call clearing, or emotional clearing. It was a topic this week on a group I participate in as well. It seems that people are shying away from it in the metaphysical community. I can certainly understand that. Having to open up an old wound really sucks. No one wants to do that because it hurts physically and emotionally. Apparently there is also some phenomena where people are constantly looking for stuff to clear. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say their root issue there is still low self-worth and they assume they are “still flawed,” Not good enough, or the like. Because really, otherwise if you had done so much inner work, wouldn’t you be feeling lots of good emotions? Yes, really you would.

Still, I insist that if you have stuff on the inside that you are just ignoring or hoping will go away, you have to process it out of your emotional and physical bodies or guess what? It’s still there. And it will affect your physical health, and your actions and reactions. You can love and light all over all of us but once you are triggered you will become Mr. or Mrs. Hyde. I promise you – I’ve seen it happen and at least once it has been me (*smile*). If you didn’t get that analogy, think bad reaction.

Now long ago I wrote an article about the stages of emotional clearing. I need processes and instructions and I still recommend my article for those that do. But honestly, I left the process part long ago because the crux is that you need to understand what’s going on. That’s it – understand it. Then be willing to acknowledge that no matter how stupid you feel, or whatever, yeah I feel that way. It hurts and causes me pain, or embarrassment, or guilt, or whatever. And then you “get” it and it flows away like a river. Transmuted into light.  Let yourself and whoever else is involved off the hook and move on. Yeah, you will run into some other onion layers eventually but you already understand what’s going on and so you handle it. You say, “Wow I had no idea that this was still an issue.” You roll it around in your mind and heart, and then you transmute it and move on. Please realize that I’m trying to put into English something that can happen in a few seconds or in a few days. But the work is done inside the mind and heart, together. It’s a process but not something that you can really quantify sometimes.

We all have/had issues right? The answer is yes. No one is born and lives without developing emotional baggage that you carry around until you realize that you don’t have to. But once you move through and put that baggage down, hose yourself off and what not, you  move on. I will say it again, if you are a habitual clearer, look at the root cause of that. Self worth? Need attention? Something. You are not perpetually flawed. I don’t believe in “original sin” and neither should you. You are a beautiful being in a human body who is flawed, yes, but who has the power to heal yourself and see through the muck. Yes, you do.

Even I feel joy. I can be in immense pain missing my baby and I can feel joy. You know, I can’t do anything about missing Erin, but again I don’t have the need to perpetually clear things. Did her body’s death dredge up more stuff for me to understand and reconcile? Yes, it sure did. And now I do understand, and now I am free from the karma and burden of carrying it around. And I am not looking for more to clear. If I get triggered I look at it. Honestly, it doesn’t happen often at all. I did the work, I’ve moved on.

It occurs to me now that perhaps one of the reasons we as a culture have such an issue with empathy is because we cannot even have empathy for ourselves. How could we when facing the pain we already carry is horrible enough that we can’t also face yours? That will change with Love. And Love is what I wish for you.

In Joy, Love, with Blessings, Namaste, Nutsmaste, and #missingerin #LovingErin <3

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  1. Thank you Nicole.

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